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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Quick Trip to Whidbey Island

We had pots of geraniums to deliver to the Whidbey Island cabin, for the deck there. Since we were going, we made an overnight trip out of it, and thought maybe we could at least check our garden there for weeds.

We arrived Monday a little before noon. It was raining lightly. We moved in, had lunch, and took a little walk on the beach road. And then the rain got serious.

We had to enjoy the garden in the rain. There would be no gardening. We did enjoy a slow, restful afternoon and evening, and got some reading and some napping done. 

The tulips are done, and now begins columbine time in the sandy cabin garden. 

This Pacific coast iris is surviving the sand and the summer drought. 

Columbine seeds freely, and they cross pollinate, so you never know what you'll get in flower form and color. 

Of course they were all bowing their heads in the rain.

Tuesday morning the rain continued, so we visited an antique mall in Freeland. By then the rain was letting up. We stopped at the Bayview Nursery because it was time for the golden chain tree arbor to come into bloom.
The golden chains were just beginning to open. 

This nursery has just recently been up scaled, and they have set off this old laburnum walk beautifully. 
The hen was with her chicks. :-)
We don't need any more plants, but it's always fun to look. 

I'll take two of those and five of those, and .........

Into the greenhouse.

So much cool stuff here!

We planned to leave by 2:00, and so we did, but of course, by then the sky was clearing. 
But of course, we'll be back.


  1. So make hay while the sun shines...visit a great garden center.

  2. The Laburnum alley is very impressive. Love all the hen and chicks too.

  3. While I like all images the last one is perfect----so Whidbey.

  4. It's rained so much that the other day when Texas family asked if it had rained that day I honestly couldn't remember. I think I've normalized rain. That nursery is really beautiful. What a treat to spend some time there.

  5. Oh, those golden chain arbors! Wow! Reminds me of wisteria. Japan has an attraction of rainbow wisteria that someone sent pictures of. Purple, lavendar, pink, and white. My favorite is the purple.

  6. Now I know where Whidbey Island is, since we drove across it (the north end) during our recent trip to see the Tulips. Amazing golden chain arbour!

  7. I saw some golden chain plants beginning to bloom here, and thought of your pictures of that arbor. And here you have shown it again! I love it. :-)

  8. I think you both deserved a restful stay on the island. I have never seen those golden chains. Lovely.

  9. always room for more when shopping whether it's a new blouse or plant...

  10. That rain tree arbor is really impressive. Sometimes rain is a blessing as it makes us just kick back and enjoy. Weeds will wait.

  11. The cabin looks so pretty and so cozy even in the rain it would be fun to stay there. That arbor is amazing!

  12. I'm always in awe of all the gorgeous flowers and other vegetation in your area. There are so many different varieties. I love how you planted flowers to bloom throughout the season.

  13. Your plants are beautiful! For years I only had a pale pink Columbine, but my friend gave me a blue one, so now I can also look forward to new colors. I love when flowers venture out on their own with new colors. That nursery is amazing also!

  14. Looks like a very nice nursery! Lots of beauties in your cabin garden. Your keeping two gardens is always impressive to me.


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