Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Campbell Garden

Garden #3 on the South Hill tour was just around the bend from the Paulsen garden, just a short walk away. Also on the ridge overlooking the Orting Valley, this garden just kept going and going down the hillside. 

We entered through a red gate into the side yard and just kept following pathways. 

 We crossed the back yard under the deck to find this patio. 

 Drawn by the sound of flowing water we descended into the shade. 

 We crossed the stone bridge and traversed the slope. 

 And then steps beckoned us farther down. 

 The end of the road.
 But still more to explore. 
 There's the corner of the deck, far above us.
 The rushing water eventually feeds the koi pond. 

 Back up around the other side of the house.
 We sneaked a peek over the potting yard fence, and found bonsai!

 And then, because we asked, we were allowed to go through the house to the deck,
 and get a glimpse of their view of The Mountain. 


  1. Wow, every place you visit seems to have a fantastic view. That is an expansive piece of property. Loved those cobalt blue planters and the woodland settings.

  2. Lots of great leaf color in this garden.

  3. Such a beautiful garden! Thank you for sharing all thee wonderful pictures. :-)

  4. Such a joy to visit all these beautiful gardens, inspirational.

  5. These garden tours are just amazing. You live in a corner of Paradise.

  6. What a peaceful and beautiful garden that feels almost natural. Can you imagine the work of hauling wheelbarrows up and down all those stairs?


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