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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lovely Langley

Langley, the Village by the Sea, on Whidbey Island, is a usual stop when we stay at the cabin on the island.

Last Tuesday afternoon, after we finished our work in the cabin garden, visited the Bayview Nursery, where I decided not to take photos and just enjoy, and had a leisurely lunch at the cabin, we then drove across the island for a Langley stroll.

We usually make a stop at the Useless Bay Coffee Company, but this day we had already had our coffee and were just out to see what we could see.
 A big reason for going to Langley is to check out the gardens and street plantings. 
Next door, the old fire house is now a glass blowing studio.
 Recent improvements have provided a plaza for sitting on Second Street. 
 Down at the marina there are docks for working and for pleasure boats. 

 The Saratoga Inn overlooks the marina and Saratoga Passage.

 On First Street Boy and Dog Plaza overlooks the water and the beach below. 

Across the street, The Star Store is one of the oldest businesses still going. 
 Here you can buy upscale leisure wear, home goods, and groceries. 

Looking down First Street, you can see the old store fronts. 

 The Garden Shed of the Chocolate Flower Farm is always a stop. It has just received a refurbished store front. 

Here you can buy chocolate candles, chocolate/raspberry jam, chocolate tea, fudge, and flower seeds for chocolate colored plants. 
There are several good art gallerys farther down First Street. 

We always check out the entry garden at The Inn at Langley. 
Two gardener ladies were cleaning out pond plants and we stopped to talk. 

Across the street we peeked over garden fences.

The Whale Center wasn't open but it's a fun stop, and keeps track of whale sightings out in the passage. 

The little city park. 

Beautiful street plantings.

The Good Cheer Thrift Shop often has fun finds. 

We keep waiting for someone to come rescue the old Dog House Tavern. We used to get really good fish and chips there, but it has been closed now for about ten years. 
Fun alleys link First and Second Streets. 

If you get the opportunity, you should visit lovely Langley by the Sea. 


  1. Wow! You sure have a knack for finding beautiful, serene and enchanting places to visit. With all the great photos I feel like I was there, too. Now, if you could bottle up the scenes in the air---the flowers, the water, the chocolate and coffee shops, etc.

  2. That looks like a picture-book town to live in. Absolute perfection.

  3. That looks like a picture-book town to live in. Absolute perfection.

  4. I love the homes there and all the different colored buildings. All of it is so pretty. I wouldn't mind going in the Chocolate Flower Farm either. That sounds really neat.

  5. Great shot of your husband beside the statue!

  6. Amazing pictures!! It's been years since we last visited Langley and it looks like it's more lovely than ever.

  7. what a fun the flowers and bright paint on so many buildings! just lush....

  8. It is a place I will visit, now that I've seen it so thoroughly through your pictures. You outdid yourself this time, Linda! :-)

  9. I think the houses over there are really pretty and so are the plants.

  10. I just love your header.
    That is one delightful town that obviously the citizens take pride in. The cleanness, landscaping and the bright house colors are so appealing. Right out of a cozy mystery novel.

  11. I love that photo of Tom and the statue too. Too funny! It's such a pretty town!


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