Friday, May 26, 2017

The Paulsen Garden

The second garden on our South Hill NPA tour is the Paulson garden, on a ridge overlooking the Orting Valley. 
We parked on the street in front of this bright blue car. We thought they made a great color combination, but our Chevy is a bit outclassed by a Lamborghini. 
Some parts of this garden have been newly redone while other parts are more "settled", but it all blends beautifully. 
These first photos are all from the front of the property. 

And then we follow the path around the side and to the back of the yard. 

Those cloud trails in the sky point right to Mt Rainier. 

This little bench beyond the pool overlooks the "wilderness", undeveloped land in it's natural state. 
Sit on the bench and this is your view. 

Up on the deck we see the view from the house level. 

I had a pleasant surprise a few days after this garden visit. Camille, the creator of this lovely garden,  emailed me to say she thought she recognized me but was too busy to talk, and then she checked the sign in sheet and saw that it was me. Turns out she reads my blog!

You meet the best people in gardens!


  1. how fun to be a famous gsrden blogger...congrats. Love the views and coolness. It was 100 degrees here yesterday, only cool in the mornings before 7 am.

  2. Isn't this an amazing garden? You simply can't beat that view of the mountain! It was difficult to keep the drooling in check. Camille has a great sense of style and continuity in addition to being a plant lover and genuinely kind person. Alison, Tom, and I had the pleasure of visiting this garden later in the afternoon. Sorry we missed you!

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos. Silly me, I neglected to check my camera battery before I went out and had only enough juice for 3 photos of Camille's garden before the camera shut down completely. But sometimes I'd rather enjoy the garden without the interference of the camera anyway.

  4. Wonderful! So many great plant combinations and places to stop and enjoy!

  5. How wonderful to be recognised. I loved the wonderful array of plants and the stunning view from the bench.

  6. I am always stunned at how MANY lovely gardens are in your area but considering your climate, it makes sense. You were really in high cotton hobnobbing with a Lamborghini:)) How neat that she was a follower.

  7. Each garden is a unique interpretation. I really need to drag my sister on a tour of that area some day. Her only spur to taking a vacation is to visit gardens.

  8. They have some beautiful gardens! :)

  9. I can just imagine how much work it takes to keep everything looking so perfectly beautiful.


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