Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Old Goat Farm

Our garden group tour last Saturday was double the fun. After enjoying the beauty and serenity of The Chase Garden, we drove about six miles away to The Old Goat Farm.
 Before shopping for plants in this great little nursery, we were given a guided tour of the farm house grounds. 

 The borders are so lush this time of year, with all of the perennials bursting forth.

 Topiary and trees provide permanent structure. 
 As do these 100 year old apple trees. 

 When an old tree fell, it became garden sculpture. 

 This apple blossom colored quince was so lovely. 

I didn't get this old dog's name, but he seemed to be enjoying the tour of his garden too. 

 One of several "old goats". 
 The owners use gabion cages and pillars very effectively for garden accents and structure. 

 There is just so much going on in these borders that it's easy to miss things.

 This is the Old Goat after which the farm is named. 
 And this really is a farm. The peacocks had been hollering off and on during our tour. 

 We didn't opt to see all of the other animals, but there is a substantial flock of chickens and a donkey and I forget what else. 

 And of course there are treasures everywhere. Gardeners seem to like to collect things.

 I guess we wore the dog out.
 But our host Gary was happy to have us shop. I think we all left with several plants. 
And we left with plenty of inspiration too, after visiting two wonderful gardens. 


  1. What a gorgeous place to visit. Love the name too. I retired to the E-side of WA from Seattle and sometimes I forget how lush and rich with plant life it is.

  2. So amazing and beautiful but, gosh, what a lot of work it would be to keep it all up. Never seen a white peacock! what a shock that was.

  3. What an amazing place. I especially like the fallen tree/garden sculpture. Clever.

  4. I think you could spend hours wandering there finding new pretty spots.

  5. What a fun place to visit. Lots of beautiful plants but plenty of whimsy also. That peacock in full feather took me back to Florida when I saw my first one like that. They look like they are made of lace. Love the name of the place--I'd feel right at home there.

  6. So much whimsy and such variety...but the white peacock makes it all!

  7. My what a lovely photo journey you put me on. Now I am wishing for an outing to such a lovely place but it's still too cold.

  8. You must have the best nursery/gardens in the entire country in Seattle.

  9. Like you said, there's so much going on it is easy to miss some lovelies! I am inspired and am about to call DH to come look at some things I would like to do in my garden. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Each garden you go to is as good or better than the last one. Each garden is unique.

  11. lovely, that white peacock's tail is amazing, looks so cool and refreshing as we are roasting in our 90s and AC on..

  12. I love that house with the pretty veranda and also that gorgeous white peacock.

  13. I could just sit and look at those photos all day. Such an incredibly beautiful garden! What a lot of work too. Thanks for sharing.

  14. What a unique farm/nursery. I'm sure I've seen the sign for it somewhere - is it in Seattle? I'm thinking Duvall...Beautiful wherever it is! Gorgeous variety of plants and blooms! I love the stone paths too!

  15. What a cool place, love the white peacock!! Eggs on the farm are $2 a dozen here:)

  16. What a fun garden to visit! I've not been there this year yet but it's always a joy to investigate the exuberantly planted beds and have a look at all of the livestock.


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