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Monday, May 1, 2017

It's A Bloomin' Wall

Walls are built for all kinds of purposes. Some are built to keep people in. Some are promised to keep people out. 

Some hold things up, some hold back things, some protect us, some restrict us. Some have several purposes.

We built a wall. We constructed it 37 years ago. It was built to hold back earth and keep the bank eroding when our long driveway was bulldozed through to construct our house. It protected our driveway and our neighbor's already existing hedge and fence from erosion. 
We built it out of broken, recycled concrete that we picked out of a recycle yard, one heavy chunk at a time. We hauled it home in our old pick up truck for $1.00 a load. We had more time than money and we were young. We spent one whole summer building that 300 foot wall that went from the street clear into the back, where we terraced the sloping back yard. 

The green house was later even built over that wall. 
The plants on that wall, the white candy tuft and the yellow basket of gold,  were all started from seed. 
Other plants were added, all from starts that cost us nothing. 

And every year, in May, that wall blooms. 

It's a bloomin' wall!
Today is May Day. Here in our city there will be protests. One protest march will be about immigration. There will be signs and chants about "that wall". 
But we will be staying home. We will be celebrating May Day as we used to as kids, with flowers. Flowers on our blooming wall.

May your May Day be floriferous, and your walls be kind. 


  1. That is definitely the kind of wall to have.

  2. Wow! Happy May Day to you.

  3. That is a spectacular wall! Amazing variety of flowering plants that tie together beautifully!

  4. Your blooming wall is lovely! Happy May Day!!:)

  5. how cool, to be able to enjoy your wall built so many years ago. We have moved around too much to ever put in roots...

  6. Your blooming wall is amazing. I see Trump got no money for his wall in this bipartisan budget agreement.

  7. May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii. You have the BEST kind of wall, Linda. It's all about sharing beauty, love, determination, nurturing.

  8. Such a beautiful wall, the flowers are a delight.

  9. I am hanging a virtual May basket on your doorknob, Linda, filled with beautiful flowers just like you show me here. And hugs to you as well! :-)

  10. Love your wall - even at the very beginning, with broken concrete slabs - it looks like a craftsman honed and cut stone to stack to perfection.

    We had masons haul the huge rocks from behind the house during construction and they gleefully make a sorta stone pit, like an imu (oven) in the front yard that was the perfect transition between the street level and our dropped yard level. I stick orchid plants in that are past bloom and tillandsias in the openings.

    May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii. Garlands of flowers everywhere..... Ohhhhh, May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii. Lei Day is happy day out there!

  11. That is one amazing wall. Just beautiful bare, glorious in bloom and I love how you built the green house around it. That is a wall I could get behind. Hope your May day has been splendid.

  12. You built a great wall and have a super story to go with it.

  13. I love your blooming wall, it's absolutely awesome. And, your story of how you built it when you were young is heartwarming. I only came by for a quick peek from Lin's blog, but your beautiful flowers and story held me captive. Thanks for the smile maker!


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