Monday, November 20, 2017

A Good Day

I'm sitting in my recliner watching the SeaHawks on Monday Night Football. We're behind, but it's just the beginning of the second half, and anything can happen.
Please excuse the blurry photo. I needed something, so I took a pic of my coffee table with my phone while I was sitting here.  That way I didn't have to get out of my recliner.  

It finally stopped raining in the early afternoon. Before then I was very frustrated, because I really wanted to get outside and finish the yard clean up after the big wind storm of a week ago. Instead we got the laundry done, and then we went to Safeway and got all the Thanksgiving dinner shopping done. I even got a free turkey! I had purchased my Thanksgiving turkey for $.35 a pound by spending $50 before we left for Rockaway last week. This time I spent over $130 so now I have my free Christmas turkey. 

With the rain still pouring down, I then got a start on my Christmas shopping on line. We have an Amazon credit card and we have built up lots of points so I am buying as much as I can with points, no cash exchanged, and free shipping with Prime. 

I enjoyed a long lunch, with coffee and chocolate and the newspaper, my usual routine. And then the rain stopped! Tom and I were able to get out and in a couple of hours we had the lawn and patio cleaned up. Yay!

Finally, while I caught up on blog reading, Tom went to Best Buy to pick up our desktop computer CPU, which has been with the Geek Squad for the last ten days, getting the malware removed. Then they had trouble reinstalling drivers and programs, so it took a long time to get it back. Tom is now getting it hooked up, and later I will have to find and open programs and remove about 500 emails. I will be glad to have it back. It's the computer I use to store and process all of my photos. 

It's now Atlanta 31, Seattle 20. Can we pull out  a victory? We'll see. 

It has been a good day anyway. 


  1. Nice that there was a break in the rain so you could get the clean-up done. We've had our share of rain these past days, haven't we!!

  2. Sounds like a good day in spite of the rain. I was depressed today. Yesterday I went into Portland with son and grandson to see the movie ‘LBJ.’ I had a wonderful time which made me realize just how stifling my day to day life really is. Daughter flies in on Thanksgiving day and I’m so ready to see her. Had been telling Caleb LBJ was probably more like Trump in personality than any other president. Yep, he was indeed crude, and a bully. Being a fellow Texan I’m still willing to claim him, warts and all. Had thought son and I could talk as peers about LBJ and was surprised to realize all that happened before the birth of son. Time has a way of scrambling events.

  3. Not even getting out of your recliner to take a picture -- so lazy Linda! Riiight. If anyone deserves down time with a game I am pretty sure it would be you and TOm.

  4. It's frustrating waiting for weather to clear up when you've got something outside that rally needs to be done . And then your football team loses!

  5. we all need a good day now and again...happy thanksgiving!

  6. Sounds like you are cooking for Thanksgiving! :)

  7. Sorry they didn't pull it out but it was a close game. Congrats on the free bird. Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet and you all ready have a leg up on Christmas. Way to go.

  8. Computer problems are such a headache.

    I got some Christmas shopping done today, I have things in my Amazon cart waiting to be checked out on Cyber Monday. Hopefully I'll be able to snag some deals then.


  9. You sound so comfortable there in the recliner. Slow lunch, coffee, chocolate, newspaper. Makes me want to go sit down for a while. I've probably never enjoyed a lunch like that. :) You deserve it!

  10. Oh yes, the recliner - most comfy picture ever! Glad that the rain finally let up for a bit so you could get outside.


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