Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I'll start out with a pretty picture because this is not going to be a pretty post.
My renewed kitchen bouquet with fresh berries, and carnations from the grocery store.

After two days of eating a low fiber diet (Oh, I miss my apple and my almonds and my blueberries!), I am now on the third day, the purging day, of my colonoscopy prep. 

My procedure is tomorrow afternoon. I am on clear liquids today, and in a few hours I will get to start drinking this.

Yep, a gallon of laxative, half this evening and the other half tomorrow morning. No sh-t. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

I'm sure some of you have suffered this procedure prep and know all about it. This is my third time. The colonoscopy is nothing compared to getting ready for it. 

It's hard to get any food value out of clear liquids, and I am hungry, perhaps even hangry, so maybe that's my excuse for the rest of this post. 

Today is significant for another reason. It is election day, and just one year ago today the good people, and the not so good people, of our nation decided to elect Donald Trump as our president. 

All of the appalling behavior we saw in his campaign has continued.  Any hope of him becoming "presidential" has vanished. He still fosters hate and violence and divisiveness.  He has undermined our free press with his claims of "fake news", fills the airwaves and his tweets with lies,  and has left many not knowing who to trust or believe anymore. 

He has eroded our health care system and spawned uncertainty among providers, insurers,  and consumers alike. Grasping at any chance to be a "winner", he has pushed congressional Republicans to pass a tax reform bill that is ill thought out, lacking in details, and detrimental to most of the people who voted for him, as well as the rest of us ordinary folks. 

His cabinet appointees are denigrating science, undermining our environmental protections, and even attacking our national parks. Justice is looking less like justice for all and more like survival of the richest and whitest. 

Internationally he has alienated our friends and antagonized our enemies, and who knows which one Russia is. 

Yes, for me it is purge day. How I wish there was some giant jug of solution that would purge us of that piece of  $#@!  that is our president. 


  1. Yeah, keeping this one off FB is a good idea.

    Sorry for your suffering.

  2. I wish you good news with your colonoscopy results, Linda. The rest of your post speaks for itself. :-(

  3. I think the analogy you have written is perfect. Quite honestly, I can’t help but think about what a horrible year this has been politically either. I guess in some ways, I am still in shock after last year’s rude awakening. But, in other ways, I think the shock has become a daily event. Or, should I say I am no longer shocked by what I see and hear coming out of Trump’s White House. I am beyond disgusted with the entire business. I am sick of Trump. Sick of him.

    I realize I have been in a funk for a long time. I have quit blogging. I no longer write. I spend too much time watching the news and trying to keep up with the craziness. I hope to return to sanity soon.

    I am sorry you are going through the horrid prep for a colonoscopy, but look at it this way, at least it will be over after the procedure. The downside is that we will be stuck with Trump. Take care, Linda.

  4. I get the analogy. It fits. Yes the prep for colonoscopy is a pain!

  5. What is perhaps even more disappointing than our diarrhea mouthed president is the fact that there are people out there I know to be loving, caring, nurturing, kind people who have been important influences in my own life who have fallen into the viscous cult of personality of this despicable narcissist and his corrupt Republican enablers. Do they realize their support of this horrific regime represents bigotry, resentment, denial, ignorance and lies upon lies upon lies?. Or do they realize this, and maybe my sense of good in this world needs to be re-calibrated? Both possibilities are honestly too difficult to ponder.

    PS no enema? I had to give myself 2 before kidney surgery (I wasn't going to make anyone else do it!)

  6. Never having had a colonoscopy I can only give you my heartfelt sympathy. DH has had a couple and he agrees that the prep is the awful part. I hope all goes well for you.

  7. Ugh! I've never had a colonoscopy, even though more than one health care provider has urged me to. It's not because I fear the procedure, it is exactly this, the prep, that I don't want any part of. As far as yours, well, I hope everything comes out ok.

  8. I've never had a colonoscopy myself but have been with others during their prep for the procedure and can only say, I'm sorry and I hope you get a passing grade on your test. Re: President Rump - What a disappointment.

  9. Indeed, you are hangry!! Hope it all goes well.

  10. Very appropriate and clever melding of the two topics, Linda.

  11. Sorry about your procedure but happy about the purging that (hopefully) is the beginning of purging the Trump effect out of our nation.

  12. Ah, that prep is such fun. Too bad we can't funnel it through the White House. Have an uneventful procedure.


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