Monday, November 27, 2017

Catching Up

We had a lovely Thanksgiving afternoon around the dinner table, my son, sister-in-law, cousins and friend, and Tom and I. The BBQ smoked turkey was perfect and all of the rest of the food was yummy too. Of course I took no photos of the food or the guests. I was busy. 

We did not shop on Black Friday. We did go to breakfast with our teacher group. When we got home Amazon had delivered our shopping to our door. Then we went for a walk. 

Over the weekend we walked, watched college football and Seahawks football and picked up the kids at the airport. While they were gone the roofing company that we hired to replace their roof finally got a the break in the weather they needed, and got Jill's roof replaced. Yay! We used the last of my inheritance to pay for it, but I think my mother would approve. 

Sunday I finally got back to working on my quilt project. I had been stewing about it, since the project got much bigger than I had planned on, but today I was able, with Tom's helping hands, to get it sandwiched and machine quilted - just stitch in the ditch, nothing fancy - and ready for the application of the binding. I can't show you or tell you what it is until after Christmas, because it is a secret. But I am much relieved that it is all working out. 

On Thanksgiving we give thanks for the help that Native Americans gave to the first European settlers. Today the president attempted to thank the Navajo Code Talkers for their lifesaving work during WWII. But he couldn't manage to pull it off without flinging an insult, what amounted to a racial slur. Trump is such a jerk. For him I am not thankful. 


  1. I forgot to take a photo of the food on the table too but it was enjoyed greatly...

  2. I have to conclude the man is too stupid to know better. I don't think he noticed that his "joke" went over like a stink bomb and he will probably brag about his interaction in future pontifications.

    I enjoyed having Thanksgiving with my son, daughter, two grandchildren and my gentleman friend. My grandson was able to spend the weekend with me but my granddaughter had to go home since her job at KMart demanded her presence for Black Friday.

  3. Your Thanksgiving table looks gorgeous! Is that a huge Christmas/Thanksgiving cactus in bloom?

  4. Oh, I like the last paragraph. It says so much.

  5. I too feel very UNTHANKFUL for the Cheeto. I am not normally a disrespectful person but he's crossed so many lines that I feel it is in order.

  6. Lovely table and really like how everyone has a view of the outdoors.
    Does that man ever think before he speaks? He must be getting worried about 2020 and is all ready campaigning. Grrr.


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