Friday, November 3, 2017

Kubota Garden Part 3, And a Change in the Weather.

It was just a week ago that we were visiting Kubota Garden in bright sunshine and mild temps, enjoying the beauty of a colorful autumn in a Japanese Garden. Here are the rest of those photos. 
 The new event pavilion provides revenue for this free public park. 





 And now, all the pretty leaves are falling.

Just a week later, this is how it looks around here.  We got up to a dusting of snow.

 It has continued to snow all afternoon, often heavy.

 Fortunately, the temperature is just above freezing, and the ground is still warmish. We haven't even had a frost here yet. And no, we don't usually get snow in early November. The last time this happened was 1971.
There is snow on the pumpkins, but there will be no snowmen. Only slush to make mush out of the falling leaves. 


  1. You really caught the colors at their peak. Too bad about the snow. We've had lots of snow this week and I've been shovelling walks and driveways.

  2. Wow, I heard about the snow further north, and you're not that much further north. We got slushy rain that didn't accumulate at all, which was just fine with me. Snow is one of my least favorite things in the world.

  3. We got a few inches up here in Bellingham, more in Ferndale. There's certainly enough for snowmen! Our high temperatures yesterday was 34°F -- should be warmer today, but it's now turned really cold. I agree that it's early for this and hope it's not a harbinger of the winter to come! :-)

  4. Snow!!! Oh, my, but just a kiss of those flakes over the fallen leaves.
    There is a spot on Lake Champlain that I used to go by often when I was on my way from work to visit my mom. You saw lots of sailboats in the harbor, brilliant foliage along the opposite shore, and snow covered mountains in the distance -- a three season panorama.

  5. I think I've been to that park once in our travels up your way-just beautiful. Can't believe you have snow already.

  6. Those colors are splendid. Must say I am am bit envious of your dusting. However,hope none of the plants suffered.

  7. Winter seems to have arrived early! We had some snow but not much; it's the cold NE wind that's keeping us indoors.

  8. Grand autumn colors in this lovely park!


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