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Thursday, November 9, 2017

November Song

You all know the the song that starts out
The leaves of brown
Come tumbling down
In September.  
(September in the Rain)

Well, here's my November version:

 The leaves of red
are mostly
in November.

 The skies of blue
are very few,
in November.

 Roses in bloom
must think it's June,
in November

 Raccoons still come
to have some fun. 
They give us grief
with no relief,
in November. 
 Yet leaves hang on
to end my song
and give my eyes
a long good-bye,
in November. 


  1. Wonderful!! I love it! Must admit I’m shocked by the raccoon damage.

  2. Those raccoons are amazing. OUr here never do that kind of damage. Must be worms in your healthy soil?

  3. This was really good and your version worked so well with the shots. Goodness, those nasty raccoons are really making a mess.

  4. You gave me a good chuckle, Linda. You're quite the poet.

    I see you survived your procedure.

  5. The descriptive poetry goes well with photos of fall. You've still got lots of leaves and color.

  6. great poem. those raccoons are taking over your yard-so sad!

  7. This one just might make you famous!! :) I love your little poem and pictures. Those raccoons!!!

  8. Well done! Sorry to hear your raccoons are still giving you grief, though. Thank you for the lovely poem, Linda. :-)

  9. I don't know if you read a comment I posted in an earlier post but if you want to stop the raccoons digging up your sod you have to get rid of the grubs. That is what they are looking for. Skunks also like to dig up the grubs. You will need to treat your lawn with Nematodesin the spring. It is too cold right now. A garden supply store could probably help you

    1. Since I have no way to contact you, I will reply here and see if you find my response. After your first comment, I delved into the grub issue, and yes, we have Japanese beetle grubs. I did quite a bit of research. Knowing that we could not apply nematodes now we looked into chemical treatment, much as you would disapprove, but neither application has killed the grubs. We will have to wait it out now, and then begin treatment in the spring, when we will also have to strip the remaining sod and eventually replant.

    2. We had Japanese beetle grubs in our yard, there inviting moles, voles, and skunks. Nemotodes worked when nothing else did.

    3. I hope the nematodes work for you in the Spring. It must be so frustrating to have your lawn torn up like that time and time again. BTW its not that I disapprove of using chemicals per se and I have used them myself when all else failed. However it's just that right now it seems that so many people and lawn services just automatically go the chemical route right from the start instead of trying other methods first-and I do not include you in that category.

  10. You are very talented, Linda! I was smiling while reading your post! Except for the part about raccoons... Grrrr....

  11. Those dastardly coons are still giving you fits. Time to do something else??? :)


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