Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Fun Flowers

Tom's Brugmansia finally bloomed last week.
Commonly known as Angel's Trumpets, they are highly fragrant, especially in the evening. 

Tom has had this plant for a number of years. It started out in a six inch nursery pot. A couple of years ago it moved into  very big pot, which is a chore to move, as it has to go into the garage or greenhouse over the winter.
Tom cuts it way back in the winter, to about one to two feet tall. It grew and grew this year, with nary a bloom until September. It was worth waiting for, but with all of the rain we've had lately, we have hardly been outside to enjoy it.

While the brugmansia is lovely, some flowers are just fun.
Like these guys.
The face pot holds a succulent of some kind that is covered with tiny flowers that sat as buds for a month or more, and now the flowers are lasting forever.
And then there is the "Lifesaver plant".
I bought this at Bayview Nursery on Whidbey Island because it made me laugh.
 The bloom really does look like a Lifesaver, cherry flavored!
It will have to go into the greenhouse, or a window sill, over winter too, but it will be fun to see if I can get it to grow and bloom again. 


  1. The trumpet flower and lifesaver plant are new to me. Wow, they're both amazing!

  2. The oddball plants give us a good chuckle. I notice how your thinking has turned to fall as to what to do for your plants.

  3. Tom's Angel Trumpet plant is amazing!! The other flowers are amusing. Especially the Lifesaver one. The flower looks almost fake.

  4. Wow! The angel's trumpet is just covered in flowers! I have gotten rid of mine this year, they are such water and fertilizer hogs, and they take so long to flower. I have a lifesaver plant too. Have you tried sticking your nose right into the center of the flower? It smells pretty bad, but you have to get up close.

  5. Interesting plants. I have seen the Angel Trumpet in Florida, but I have never seen anything like the Lifesaver. That is really interesting.

  6. That angel's trumpet plant in amazing! Thanks for the perspective in size with Tom in the picture. And that lifesaver plant is a hoot! :-)

  7. amazing lifesaver bloom-never heard of it!

  8. Careful if you see any teens chewing on them. They will put them in the hospital with really bad dreams. Obviously sniffing doesn't do any harm as Tom looks fine. They can be deadly if eaten.

    1. Oh yes, we know. Brugmansia, or angels trumpet, is a close relative of Datura, also known as devils trumpet. It is a poisonous plant if ingested. We weren’t planning on snacking on it, but thanks for the warning.

  9. That Brug is huge. I would be sticking my nose in it too. I have never seen the lifesaver plant before. Interesting bloom.

  10. The blooms on that angel trumpet plant are amazing. I have seen one blooming before but it was not as beautiful as this one. The lifesaver plant is unreal. You're right, the bloom looks like a cherry life-saver.

  11. beautiful blooms on the Angel Trumpet worth waiting for! Your lifesaver plant is ever so cute!

  12. We have Angels Trumpets here in Hawaii too. In fact, my neighbor used to have it. You both have such amazing green thumbs. That's so beautiful. You also have such interesting plants.


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