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Monday, September 2, 2019

The Phosie-Gertie Picnic - 2019

It's Labor Day Weekend and time for the annual Phosie-Gertie Picnic, 46th Anniversary Edition.

For those of you new to my blog readership, Phosie and Gertie were sisters and progenitors of the gaggle of generations of siblings and cousins that gather at the family compound on Whidbey Island. We are now at Generation Five.

The cabins were full of family overnighters. Tom and I arrived by ferry for the day.
 Later in the morning the owners and users of our cabin held our annual business meeting. Then we were free to wander and visit and play until about 2:30, at which time we began with the official raising of the Phosie-Gertie flag.
 We do have an anthem, to the tune of On Top of Old Smokey, which begins "Oh Phosie and Gertie, we celebrate you." We have fun. 
 That is followed by the group photo. We have to act quickly to keep the "cats" from straying. 
 We honor the Direct Descendants, now Generation Three.
 Tom, Marilyn, and Martha are siblings and descend from Gramma Phosie.
 Siblings Dave, Jan, and Tom and their cousin Dean called Gertie Grandma. 
 Grandchildren did the honors for their respective grandparents. Yes, that's Isaac, towering over Tom. 

What's next?
 The 50 Club. Members of Generation Four are recognized for turning age 50. It may not be considered an "honor" by some. :-)
 Partners are drawn for the Balloon toss. 

 Down to two pairs, Bryan and Irene still in it.
 And the winners - Bryan and Scott!
 For the Sand Castle contest, the theme was Natural Disasters. The hurricane approaching Florida was depicted. 
 The San Francisco earthquake of 1989 was selected by a California cousin, depicting the collapse of the viaduct. 
 The winner was our Sunlight Beach stranded by rising sea levels and inundated by tsunamis. We hope the future is kinder. 
 The special Saddle Shoe Award went to Scott and Kendra, who got married this year. The origination of this award is a closely held family secret.
 And then we ate! And ate some more! I was busy eating. There are no photos.

And then we sat and visited. Well, some of us sat. The younger set eventually gathered out on the street. 
There were hijinks.  Irene and Sara carrying their mothers, Jill and Julie.
 A gaggle of girl cousins.
I'll end my post with a salute to Generation Five, with thanks to Julie for the street scene photos. 
And another successful Phosie-Gertie Picnic is in the books. Let September begin. 


  1. I am in shock! Irene can carry her mom? Good grief! And Isaac is taller than Tom? When did all this happen? I've only been gone about a month and a half. They are so gorgeous! What an amazing get-together. I do love the leis, of course. It's such a fabulous celebration and it recognizes the love and ties among all the relatives.

  2. Your extended family has such amazing times together. It's great to see.
    ( I was also shocked to see how tall Isaac has become!!)

  3. You are one of very few families who can have a family reunion. Keep on having them.

  4. Wonderful gathering! It seems impossible that another year has passed. And boy did Isaac ever get tall this year. Love the pictures, Linda. Thank you for sharing this gathering once again with your admirers. :-)

  5. amazing all those family members together-Issac is TALL! looks like a wonderful time of visiting, eating and playing together

  6. Love all your family traditions.

  7. Oh the memories you are making. What fun! Such a beautiful place to gather too.

  8. It must be wonderful to have such gatherings. I remember when we did this. It doesn't happen anymore.

  9. Now that is one grand group. Phosie and Gertie would be proud of the generations that followed and have kept up tradition. Plus it all looks like fun.

  10. yeah for a gathering! It is good to have reunions that the younger generation enjoy!

  11. You have such an amazing family. Everyone looks so happy to be there. I enjoyed this post! Isaac is so tall! but then so is Irene. They are sweet, beautiful children.


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