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Sunday, September 8, 2019

More From the State Fair

As I said in my last post, I like to look for the traditional stuff at the fair. So much is now given over to commercial exhibits and stands selling junk and food that is tempting but not good for you, and a massive midway/carnival of thrill rides. We had to search out our old favorites, like the county Grange exhibits and the agricultural hall. 

 This was the grand prize winner, but they all looked good, although I see that no one is doing the seed/grain mosaics anymore. 
 There were just a few agricultural specimens, nothing like there used to be. They did have a few giant pumpkins/squash. 

 And a giant kohlrabi. Probably not that great to eat, but big!
 We went back to the Barbecue place for some lunch, splitting a pork sandwich, a coleslaw, and a Coke. We resisted my usual treats of corn dogs and curly fries, and places like this. I know, not as much fun, but our tummies were happier. 
Then it was time for the draft horse show. It's great watching these majestic horses trot in perfect unison, maneuver, and even back up their wagons. 

 Back on the hunt for old favorites, we found the Sheep-to-shawl exhibit. The ladies were carding, spinning, and weaving a shawl in one day. Each day a different guild would do the same. We talked to them for a bit, reminiscing when Tom's mother used to do all of this. 

 And then another favorite, the quilts!  This beauty is all hand quilted, made by a professional. But wow!

 There were lots of fiber and fabric arts here. This weaving, a Swedish coverlet pattern, is much like a piece we have that Tom's mother made. 
 Ooops. Sideways. But I had to show you that someone actually made woven shoelaces!
 In the hobby hall there were only a few doll houses now. 

 And finally we found the Collections. These were always a favorite of our family, and one year our kids, then in grade school, entered their collections, horses for Jill and pigs for Jake. I'll have to see if I can find photos of those collections. 
 Here is a sample of this year's entries. 

 And my favorite, pink Pyrex ware!
We looked through the galleries of photographic art and paintings, which had many wonderful entries. 

On our way to the oldest part of the fair, under the grandstand, we found these carved pumpkins.
 And then, there is was, the original Fisher's Scone booth, still baking and selling those famous scones. We talked to one of the young women at the counter, but since we had already had our scones, we moved on to another scone booth nearby because the original one didn't have what we were looking for.
 That kid was having way too much fun making scones .... and juggling dough. 
 Butter and jam station. 
 And there it was, scone ice cream. We had to give it a try. 
It was good, but not great. My advice - more raspberry jam.

Now were were tired, it was 4:00, and we decided it was time to go home. My legs were screaming to sit down, and my mind was telling me to get out of there before I caved in to that corn dog and curly fries. 

It was a fun day at the fair. 


  1. Well you got out of there before the big storm arrived and closed the place down.
    I have been to the Puyallap Fair only once---to big for me. We always went to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe---mainly because we live up north. And when my kids were in 4H with their horses we practically lived there and if they won big the next step was "going to State" which was the Puyallap. Big time!
    Love the Quilts and of course the big horses

  2. I enjoyed this post too, very much! You looked at and photographed all the stuff I love to see when I go to the fair. I always have a hard time dragging Nigel away from at least one fried food booth. He's worse than a kid. We used to spend summers on a family farm in Canada when my sisters and I were girls, and they had Percherons, so it brings me back whenever I see those big draft horses.

  3. Wow! From the grange exhibits to the quilts, I was fascinated with all the wonderful things you saw. And shared with me, who will not be getting to the fair myself. I also loved the horses. Thanks, Linda! :-)

  4. My grandson can still talk me into some of the rides at the fair.

  5. Amazing quilts and so many. Glad some crafts are living on. I miss seed mosaics too.

  6. I love all the displays I would have spent a while at the miniature doll houses.
    The huge pumpkins don't appeal to me but the colourful displays of fruit and veggies do.

  7. What astounding veggie displays! Love the heavy horses. None here this year because of strangles in the area.

  8. What fun this was. Seeing those huge vegetables made me think of my Mom. I bet if she had known about this challenge she would have tried growing huge veggies. In her day they threw away over grown veggies. I would loved to have seen those horses pulling the big wagons. Well, I would have liked to have seen everything. Thanks for taking us along. I admire your control of not eating a corn dog and curly fries. I wouldn't have been able to. ;)

  9. WOW! There was so much to see! Those quilts are absolutely incredible. I can just imagine the man hours it took to sew them.

  10. The fair is busy place so sometimes you have to get out to give your mind a rest.

  11. wow, so much to see and taste, love all the exhibits especially the quilts...

  12. That is a fiar worth visiting. Nothing here can compare. What fun!

  13. I do so love draft horses. I always wanted one till I talked to the keeper of the Budweiser horses and found out how much they eat. They get about 40 pounds of food per day. Really liked the pumpkin carving. A great use for the pumpkins that don't quite qualify for the giant category. Glad you resisted the corn dog and curly fries.

  14. Just looked back at your last state fair post too. I LOVE state fairs! There was sure lots to see and do there. Visiting all the animals is one of my favorite things to do too. That cup of ice cream reminded me of how Shelby and I stand in line, a very long line, every year for a big cup of NC State ice cream. It is delicious! Shelby and I spend a day at our NC State Fair every year but this year they will be in Oregon. I will sure miss our day together.

  15. Fun day at the Fair! I enjoyed seeing everything! I like the pink pyrex too:)


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