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Friday, September 6, 2019

Going To The Fair

It's state fair time in Washington State, and the fair is located about 30 miles from us in the town of Puyallup. Before it was officially designated the "state fair" a few years back, it was known as the Puyallup Fair, and the phrase for going to the fair was "Do the Puyallup". On Thursday we "Did the Puyallup".

Things change. We had not been to the fair for a number of years, so we decided to give it one more try. Everything had become so commercial that there are few vestiges  anymore of what old time 
harvest fairs are all about. We arrived shortly after opening at 10:30 and I declared that I wanted to go fine the "real" fair stuff. We started with the livestock.

Beef cattle were being featured.
 These old boys are BIG!  Not that other guy. He's still smallish. :-)
 Youngsters were getting prettied up for showing. 
I knew the black beef cattle are Angus, but I learned the brown ones are Shorthorns.
 On the way to the draft horse barn we checked out the chain saw artistry.

 We noted the times for the draft horse show.
 These big work horses are such beauties. My grandfather actually farmed with horses like these many years ago.  These are Belgians. 
 Everybody knows Clydesdales. 
 Percherons are so beautifully dappled. 
 Well. I couldn't get photos of their pretty faces. 
 Next door were the smaller farm friends.

 There were cute bunnies
 and weird chickens.

 Look at the feathers on this guy's feet!

 Baby chicks.
 Ah, some real chickens.

 And some GIANT chickens!
 The sign says these are English Orpingtons. 
 This rooster wins the beauty contest. 
 Exotic pheasants. What's the deal with the male getting all of the good looks? 
 Next up, dairy cows.  Some were just getting moved in. 
These girls were reassuring each other about their new digs. 
 These cows seemed contented. 
 I wondered how these big mamas managed to get comfortable. 
 In a nearby arena there was an event called Mutton Busting. Young kids, in this case 5 and 6 year old girls, were attempting to ride big woolly sheep who wanted nothing to do with it. 

 Short ride, face in the dirt. 
 I think those kids would have much more fun here in the kiddie carnival area. 
 It was time for a break, a sit down, and a snack, on the famous Fisher Fair Scones. This is a treat that everyone in the state knows about and indulges in at least once while at the fair. A light biscuit, buttered and jammed full of raspberry jam, they are a tradition and a yummy treat. 
 Walking about, we checked out the opportunities for lunch later. 

 I think we'll pass on the turkey legs. 
 There were actually a few tractors at the fair. 
 Not sure why, but there was some exotic livestock there too. 
 What a beautiful animal.
This beast is an African Watuzi.. 
 A Tibetan yak. 
 Alpacas are not very rare here, but they sure are cute. 
Well, that's enough for today. We're mostly done with the livestock, and by now I had crossed off cows, horses, chickens and scones off of my "real" fair stuff list. 


  1. Those exotic animals are an interesting addition to a state fair. I have to say that scone sure looks delicious! :-)

  2. Our local fair ended on Labor Day. It was on the list of things to do but plans were changed. It will come around agin next year though. My sister in law shows chickens at the fair sometimes, but I am not sure that she took the time this year.

  3. good job of identifying all the names of animals especially the outing. Haven't been to one for years as it is too hot here for me to enjoy.

  4. The last time we went to the Puyallup Fair was a few years ago, and the stuff we always poke our heads into is the traditional stuff like the animals and agricultural exhibits. We also get a big kick out of watching the mutton-busting. I don't think we're going to find the time to go this year, so I appreciated seeing your photos.

  5. Things change but I still like going through the barns.

  6. Since I can't actually go to the fair this was the next best thing. Thanks for the tour
    ( I was sure the Watuzi was a dance)

  7. Thank you so much for the livestock tour. That is my favorite part of any fair and the one thing I really miss at the local fairs. Just not much variety. The scone looked great and much better than the hundreds of things you can find at a fair that is fried and on a stick.

  8. It looks like you had a good time. I too like to look at all the animals. I like seeing children tending their animals too. There is always something good to eat at fairs.


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