Greetings from Seattle

Friday, May 22, 2020


Yesterday I had a dental appointment. My clinic is now open and I could finally get my permanent crown put on. 

When I arrived, I signed in outside the door and waited for the receptionist to call me in. I hadn't filled in the date yet because I wasn't sure. The receptionist and I laughed over that, he behind his Plexiglas, both of us masked.  While I was waiting to be seen, I heard giggling from back in the clinic. When my Doc emerged, she was laughing, because each day they were getting new layers of PPE, now in double masks, face shields, head coverings, and little microscope binoculars so they can see without getting so close.

The technician and I laughed again when it came time to take off my mask.  I said I figured that would happen, that I might be able to get a haircut with a mask on, but not dental work. It's good to find humor in things. 

Since I was there and Dr. Ma had time, we decided to go ahead with the rest of the dental work, one more crown and then being fitted with a night guard. Two hours later I paid my big bill, since my dental insurance ran out already with the first work in January, and I came home. I will go back in three weeks to get the permanent crown and the night guard.

I felt perfectly safe there, didn't touch anything I didn't need to touch, used hand sanitizer in the car, and was very glad to have all that done. 
Our first rose
My other appointment was for physical therapy, but it was over the phone, The therapist, Kathy, had all of my records. We went over my symptoms and what exercises I had been doing. Then she decided to try a new approach, explained the concept and the exercises, and gave me an access code to my own personal exercise routine, with diagrams, written instructions, and short videos. 

She set up another phone appointment for today, just three days later. I have been doing the exercises and tying to determine if they are helping. I have pains in new places, maybe because new muscles are being stretched, maybe because they are not working. I am now stressed trying to analyze the results. This will be ongoing, and I might eventually have to get an in person appointment. 
First Fox Gloves are blooming.

In the mean time, new things are blooming in the garden, and cool weather and light showers are prolonging the blooming. I do live in a beautiful world. I sure wish I could get out and explore it further. With all of the talk of it being Memorial Day weekend, my wander lust is stirred. Maybe we'll make a trip to a cemetery at least. 


  1. I dread going to the dentist. I haven't been for over 2 years. He used to have a wonderful dental hygienist who would clean my teeth and then floss it after applying the polish. It used to feel so luxurious - having someone floss my teeth for me. She left and the new hygienist was not as conscientious and gentle, and was also very opinionated politically. I didn't like her. I wonder if she is still there. Hopefully he got a good one again. We shall see because I really should make an appointment after all this time.

    Your rose is beautiful. My daughter said that her peonies are almost blooming. Seattle does have wonderful flowers!

  2. I know that you and your partner are wanderlust types. YOu miss the gardens and trips to the ice cream stores, etc. But, you live in such a beautiful part of the U.S. I am glad you were so brave for your dental appointment. I would have been terrified, but I am guessing he dental staff are super careful as well as terrified. I love all the little goodies in your garden...clearly you do not have nasty winds and falling branches.

  3. You have had more than your share of pain and suffering in the dentist's chair. I'm glad it all went so well. I'm pretty sure my dentist will be calling me soon to get me set up for my regular cleaning, which was canceled earlier because of the virus. I'm not looking forward to it, burt it's pretty routine. :-)

  4. I have a dental appointment next week and I don't look forward to it. Last December I got a bridge and a new mouth guard so I got that all done before the pandemic. This was the third mouth guard I have had over the last few years and they keep changing the style. Have you had a mouth guard before?

  5. The red rose is very lovely. I've noticed that I have a lot more Foxgloves this year than I've had in recent years. Some years I was lucky if I had half a dozen.
    You were so brave at the dentist I hope you gave yourself a treat!!

  6. Such a beautiful rose and not one sign of black spot. I wonder why my roses get black spot so easily. Glad your dental work is done. Back pain is enough to deal with, goodness, without dental work too. Hope your exercises help a lot. I found a couple of simple exercises online for sciatica and herniated disc and have done them for a couple of nights. Today I got another MRI and hopefully, will get to talk to the doctor next week. Hope you have a nice weekend, pain free.

  7. I think very highly of physiotherapy. I've had physio for many issues. One that didn't work at all was for a torn rotator cuff. Cortisone helped with the rotator cuff issue. One thing I try to do is keep on doing stretches given in physio.

  8. The first blooms are singularly beautiful always.
    I had both dental and eye doctor appointments in the past two weeks -- both I had to cancel since they were both in VT. I was hoping that cataract surgery could go forward this summer but I am no longer planning on that happening.

  9. It seems every one I know is going under the knife these days. Lots of postponed surgeries. Didn't think of how they could do dentistry these days and glad it can be done safely. Hope my Dr appointments can be done as carefully. I really hate these over the phone appointments. They take much less time but cost the same and no one listens to your chest.

  10. That header photo made me smile. You do live in a beautiful world.

  11. Glad you were able to get the dental work completed. I hope the physio helps with the sciatic issues.

    Take care and stay well.

  12. I too went to the dentist for a cleaning and exam without my mask although I wore it into the office and out. Strange world we live in, got my hair colored without my mask and survived-HURRAH! Enjoying working in the yard before our 100 degrees hits us next week!

  13. I just love foxgloves. They don't grow very good here. I have had some and treat them like annuals. It is good that you are getting things done now.

  14. Good to have that visit behind you!


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