Monday, October 5, 2020


 This weekend was for celebrating.  Sunday was our twins', Tom and Jan's, 79th birthday. Since the Seahawks were playing in Miami at 10:00AM, we decided to do a brunch party. 

Seating was arranged. 

There was lots of food to keep us fueled.

At halftime gifts and cards were presented. Jill found these cool clawed gloves for digging weeds out of the garden. I think they would also be nifty with my witch costume.

After the football game we switched over to the WNBA game. The Seattle Storm are playing in the finals.

And we had cake! And ice cream. And we sang Happy Birthday.

The Seahawks won and are undefeated.

The Storm won and and are on their way to another championship.

And Saturday night the Sounders won.

There was lots to celebrate, besides just being healthy and all together. 


  1. Happy birthday to the twins. It's good that you have so many different interests to keep yourself occupied.

  2. Happy birthday to the twins, and congratulations to the Seahawks! Yay for them. :-)

  3. Happy Birthday to the twins. Wow, all your teams won. When does that happen--oh yes on birthdays.?

  4. Happy Birthday, Tom and Jan! What a totally happy celebration.

  5. Happy Birthday to Tom and Jan! You certainly had a lot to celebrate.

  6. What a great weekend. Happy birthday to the twins.

  7. Happy birthday to the twins. You had lots of reasons to celebrate.
    I like those clawed gloves!!

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  9. Happy birthday and aloha from Hawaii!

  10. Happy Birthday to Tom and Jan. Still love seeing your family together. The children have grown up. It's unbelievable how fast too.


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