Thursday, October 8, 2020

Whidbey Gardening

 It was time for our annual fall garden clean up and bulb planting at the Whidbey Island cabin garden.

We left home Tuesday afternoon, after a morning of doing my exercising, Zooming with our breakfast friends, packing, and my visit to the dentist for an exam. I have to have dental clearance 30 days before my January hip replacement surgery. I passed, but they couldn't schedule the cleaning until December 18th. That will be cutting it close. Apparently they are still only scheduling priority dental treatment, and cleaning is not a priority. The surgery date did at least get me an appointment. 

After morning fog, the sky cleared and we enjoyed sun on our trip to the island. We got our walk on the beach road and sized up the work for the next day. The garden was looking ratty.

Tuesday evening was lovely, but the sun no longer lingers over the bay.

Wednesday morning was foggy and moist.

We got to work about 10:00, and worked hard until after 1:00, getting the clean up done before we took our lunch break. We both had tedious jobs: Tom cleaned up the feather grass, pulling out all of the old grass, and I clipped all the old blooms off the lavenders. There was lots of bending and stooping, but I mostly protected by back by working on my knees or sitting on a bucket. It was the first time I had done much yard work, but I seem to be OK today. 

After lunch we took our four bags full of yard trimmings to the yard waste recycle dump.

Then the rest of the afternoon we planted the tulip bulbs we had removed from our Seattle garden. Most will rebloom here on the sandy soil.

All cleaned up.

Yesterday evening we ate dinner and then did the dishes while we watched/listened to the Vice-Presidential debate. We really do need a mute button for those Republicans who think they can just keep talking and not follow the rules. We were rescued when at 7:00 we settled in to watch the Sounders match. It was more entertaining and much less frustrating than politics, especially since the Sounders won again.

It was drizzly this morning so we are taking it slow. 

The heron in the lagoon didn't seem to be in a hurry either.

We'll pack up and leave after lunch. I am debating if I want to try a walk before lunch. I still have an hour. Or I could just sit and read. Decisions, decisions. 



  1. It sounds like you are doing quite well, considering. I also cannot bend easily any more, without my back beginning to complain. I use a short stool to sit on so I can lean forward while supporting my back. I am trying to forget today's news, and I cannot say I enjoyed the debate, but it was miles better than the last one. Congratulations to the Sounders. :-)

  2. I'm surprised how much garden work you could do and not have a sore back the next day. Good news!!

  3. Your gardens certainly give a rhythm to your lives!

  4. You have a schedule for everything. Plants set your time and keep you happy.

  5. I kept thinking "Oooh she is going to be sore" and was so pleased that you weren't. Impressive.

  6. Happy to hear that you're able to do the gardening without suffering. I recall my mom actually lying down in the garden to weed as she didn't trust Dad to do it right.

    Love the first shot, the colors are postcard worthy. Take care and stay well.

  7. This looks like a good day to be sitting and reading. ha... I hope you had a safe trip home.

  8. You both always work so hard on your beautiful gardens. I'd have a hard times these days. I'm having difficulty crouching and getting back up easily. Sigh... I was quite entertained by that fly though.

  9. Good to hear you could do some gardening again! We turned the channel...we mailed our votes in already so what is the use!

  10. That first picture of pink/orange sky and blue/purple horizon was gorgeous! I admire all the hard work you and Tom put in to make your gardens so beautiful. I finally cleaned up my small front yard that was covered in lilikoi (passion fruit) vines so it looked like a draped cave. Now my kukui, plumeria, and guava tree have breathing room and my poor lawn that has been overly shaded can slowly come back. Gardening is so therapeutic and we get to see the fruits of our labor, don't we?

  11. sounds like a lovely work get away...we have finally cooled to 52 degrees in the mornings and 80s in the afternoon so fall is here. So nice to be cooler!


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