Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Fall Gardening

 Today we finished another big job. We got the tulip bulbs planted.

Last week I worked on clearing out the beds where the bulbs would be planted, while Tom worked on his raised garden beds. Then Tuesday we began getting the blubs into gallon nursery cans and then into the beds.

We used garden soil to fill the pots

Tom had to do much of the labor this year, as I am not so very mobile these days, but I did a little digging and I determined where everything should go.

We planted 150 bulbs in this bed, orange, pink and purple.

Others are planted here, and in several other places that we can see from the house.

Last week Tom got all of the raised beds cleared and most covered with ground cloth for the winter.

One day while he was doing that, I picked our small crop of apples and made applesauce. 

We had some warm applesauce for dinner and the rest went into the freezer. 

For his final act today, Tom covered his cloches with heavy plastic sheeting. 

Tom will overwinter his bonsai here, as well as plants he digs out of the garden that he can't help but saving. I'm usually happy to have them, though, come spring, when I have holes in the garden to fill in.

Monday I made a very big pot of beef stew. We have been eating it all week so far. All I have to do is heat some up and make a salad. I am very happy to not have to start dinner from scratch when I am tried from working in the garden. 

And gardening keeps my mind off of politics. 


  1. Interesting that you plant your tulips in pots ... maybe I'll try tulips again using that method. Moles have eaten every tulip in the past. I cut all the dahlias back and covered with mulch on this beautiful fall day.

    1. We plant tulips in pots because we treat them as annuals here. They do not persist. In pots they are easy to lift when finished, and then something else can to into the beds. Also, after drying out the bulbs, we take them up to our Whidbey Island garden, where we plant the survivors in mostly sandy soil where they don't get watered and they continue to bloom for another year or two there.

  2. There are many fall jobs that have to be done. Since I had lots of carrots in my garden this summer, I've been making carrot soup and some goes in the deep freeze.

  3. I spent the day talking and shopping and lunch with BFF Caryn-how fun. Tried to avoid talking politics. It's a waste!

  4. Besides all the exercise and beauty you create by gardening, that it keeps your mind off politics should make it a required chore for all of us.

  5. You two spend so much time making your beautiful area even more so. I look forward to seeing those tulips pop up in the springtime. :-)

  6. The passion for the gardens you share is simply amazing. It is such a joy to come here and see your handiwork.

    Take care and stay well.

  7. Your Tulips will be beautiful come Spring!

  8. Once again all your energy both amazes and exhausts me. So glad things are running smoothly at your house.

  9. I'm doing a lot of freezing so I don't have to cook as much these days.
    Wow! You put the tulips in gallon pots and into the ground? That's amazing! I've never heard of doing that. That sure makes it easier to deal with when you have to separate the bulbs. But wow! It's so much work! You're both really awe inspiring.

  10. I do love apple season!
    Clearly your gardens are a passion -- a lot of work but such gorgeous resuts to enjoy.

  11. 150 orange, pink, and purple tulips will look lovely next Spring.
    Your applesauce looks good; I'll bet it tastes wonderful, especially warm...with a bit of vanilla ice cream.

  12. Gardening is so insulating. A wonderful thing to me. Your tulip display will be wonderful. You wear me out just telling all you do. I am amazed.

  13. I just love how you and Tom garden. It is so orderly and perfect. You have so much to look forward come spring. Your applesauce looks delicious. I love it warm with butter and a hot biscuit.

  14. Magnificent garden scenes. Lana is envious of your flat ground and highly complementary of your design and layout.


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