Monday, July 12, 2021

Not Yet

 While we went garden touring Saturday morning the house painting crew was supposed to be finishing the painting. Now we realize there was a miscommunication. They finished the main part but all of the trim is yet to be painted. They were gone when we arrived home at 2:00 Saturday and we have not seen or heard from them since. I think the problem is paint supply. Then may be having trouble getting the trim paint. That is what has happened to the house next door. 

We know that it will eventually get finished, but we don't know when, and we do not have contact information. I know. Dumb. But I'm letting the men handle it. Sigh.

I finally heard from my Sounders ticket agent. It's a new one, but no one bothered to tell me or give me his contact info. Anyway, it sounds like it is not going to be easy to get those ADA seats. They are apparently sold, but no one is using them, so we will until someone comes to claim them. We'll just take care of our needs before the match starts, then take the elevator up to the next level to get to our own seats or those we are "squatting" in. The agent offered me different seats, but they are in full sun/rain/whatever, and we are done with that. That's how we started out and it took us some years to get to the great seats we had. 

Life goes on here. We did some light house work this morning and cleaned up some windows that needed cleaning, ones that we look at every day. The rest - out of sight, out of mind for now. Cleaning the patio slider tracks was one of my jobs. Not fun, but now it looks good.

We have ripe raspberries and a few Marion berries. We are enjoying summer fruits. Some went in the freezer, but lots are just to eat, on cereal, on yogurt, on ice cream. Yum.

As I mentioned, we went garden touring Saturday. As I arrived at the first garden I discovered my phone had failed to charge over night, so I didn't take photos of the private gardens. The car charger got me enough charge to take photos of the Bellevue Botanic Garden, our final stop. I'll leave you with pretty pictures. 


  1. Still hoping that you get ADA seats. After all, you qualify for them and are a super fan that actually attends matches!

  2. Well, at least you got pictures of the last garden you toured. Sorry about your phone not charging though.
    It sounds like there is some kind of a paint problem but why aren't you being informed? I hope you haven't paid them yet. They'll be back soon enough if they want their money.

  3. I too hope you get that trim finished some day soon. This is the best time of the year for painting, when rain is scarce. I love all your pretty pictures and your phone (and its operator) did just great!

  4. wow how the flowers. It cooled off her yesterday 103 and we are warned of flash flooding possibility. Guess we take rain in whatever form we can get it!

  5. I think as long as you have been such a loyal fan you should be able to sit where you want, first dibs.
    I guess painting is having the same problems as construction. Wonder how long this will last?

  6. That Astilbe in the last photo is so pretty! Hope your painters come back!

  7. The gardens are simply gorgeous!

    Hopefully the paint comes in soon and the trim can be completed quickly. I wish I had someone else to deal with the fencing contractor right now, they've been back twice and still haven't completed the job properly. Sigh...

    Funny how someone would pay for good seats and then not use them. Hopefully you'll get much of the season using them for yourselves.

  8. I guess patience is needed with any construction/maintenance projects these days. The garden shots are all beautiful.

  9. I love the lavender flower and the orange ones. They are two of my favorite colors. I am dealing with plumbers and window installers. Materials are taking a long time and it's frustrating not to be able to get things done. Hope your painting job is finished soon.

  10. We heard about the shortage of paint even in Hawaii. Hope it does not affect us, because we are having our house painted next month.


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