Friday, July 30, 2021

Everything's Coming Up Roses


Life is good.

My kids are all home safe from their adventures. (See previous post) We will all be getting together for brunch here on Sunday to share stories.

Everyone was well and happy at breakfast this morning. We shared impressions of the Olympics and vaccination resisters. 

I recorded the US Women's quarterfinal and watched part of it when we got home, and saw our soccer women win in a shootout over the Netherlands. Now I have beach volleyball and diving going on on the TV next to my desktop computer, where I have just edited the photos I took this morning.

It's going to be another hot day, but I don't have to go outside during the heat of the day. My task day is light. 

After breakfast, while Tom helped our 94 year old friend Dede with some small tasks, I took advantage of the beauty of the grounds of her retirement compound to stroll through the rose garden. Now I share the beauty with you.




  1. Oh my! What beautiful roses. Thank you and Tom for being helpers.
    Yes, not much snow on the big mountains and none below.


  2. What beautiful roses! That must be a fun area for the residents! :)

  3. I love roses, but here with all the rain we had, I have now few roses in the garden. But this year the rose bushes were full of flowers.

  4. I have 2 rose plants. One is a shrub and it just got cut back after its one bloom (Ladies Night Out) and I hope for more. My other plant is a tree topiary that my daughter's boyfriend bought for me on Mother's Day. It was full of blossoms but I didn't like the flowers - very dark, small with lots of petals, and the blossoms only last a day or two. I can't seem to have rose bushes that thrive. I do believe they need the cold, and I can't provide that. Poor things. I need to find them better homes.

  5. Your roses are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing such gorgeous pictures with me, what a great way to begin my day. It was 89°F here yesterday. :-(

  6. What beautiful roses for the residents. Wonder if they get to cut any for arrangements? Stay out of this heat if you can. We are hitting the noon time hundreds too often here.

  7. Those roses sure are lovely. Have a great Sunday with your family.

  8. Gorgeous roses!~ I hope Isaac enjoyed his trip to Hawaii. I love the way you entertain outdoors! I could not do that in Hawaii. Too hot.

  9. Those are truly lovely roses. I can imagine how wonderful they smelled.


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