Friday, July 1, 2022

Win Some, Lose Some


Roses from the garden

Well, that appointment on Wednesday to get a shot in my hip for troublesome tendonitis turned out to be a miss, not a hit. I guess all this time I have been trying to stretch the wrong tendon. My hip surgeon apparently didn't get it right. Sometimes Sports Medicine and PT guys know better how the body works. It's not the hip tendon, it's one or more of the glute  tendons that attach to the hip joint. No shot for now, more targeted PT. I couldn't get an appointment with my PT person until August 5th, but at least the Sports Med  Doc showed me what to do and I am changing my PT routine. 

I made it to the Sounders match Wednesday evening, but they lost. Wednesday was not such a good day. 

Orange impatiens I bought at the Whidbey nursery. Everything is orange under this umbrella when the sun shines. 

There were no appointments on Thursday! I did my full PT routine and spent some time outside snipping and clipping. We had been trying to find the right chair mats to work in our office on the new plush carpet. We finally did enough research to find ones with thick enough vinyl. We ordered them on Wednesday and they arrived on Thursday! We think they will work well. Time will tell. Hopefully a win.

Today, Friday, after our usual breakfast with friends, I made another trip into the city to the medical center, this time to Audiology, for a hearing test. We wanted to know for sure that it wasn't my ears causing my loss of balance, and it had been a long time since my last test. 

Yep, my hearing loss is progressing to the severe stage. Nope, no indication of structural damage. Yep, it's probably time to update the hearing aids. Oh boy, another big expense.

It is a beautiful afternoon. I did a bit more snip and clip, and took a few photos. Charlie Cat paid me a visit. Now I'll get this blog launched and work my Wordle before we grill some thing for dinner. 

Photos from the patio:

The trellis with the Black-eyed Susan vine and small succulent pots.

Pots with topicals and tender plants and succulents and spiney things. 

Happy Fourth of July! Yes, Gus the Bus and gang will be back for another appearance at the parade. 


  1. So you spend hours a day stretching and it's the wrong muscles. I've been stretching and for all the routines I have it takes about 45 minutes.. I'm ashamed to say that I only do it twice a day.

  2. Oh gosh, Linda... I'm sorry for all the pain and frustration you're going through. You are such a trooper. I love your beautiful flowers that you're able to brighten your house with.

  3. Your bouquet of roses from your garden is very pretty, those are my favorite kind of bouquet, from my garden. I hope you will find healing from your new info about which tendon needs stretching.

  4. Hope the new PT exercises improve your condition. I have problems with standing and walking. Your flowers are beautiful! Gigi Hawaii

  5. Grrr, that is maddening that you were given the wrong exercises to do. Sorry you have to wait so long for the PT guy. Anyway hope the new exercises work. Also sorry about the hearing aids. My sister wears them and they are soooo expensive. Don't suppose they give you a trade in.
    Love your arrangement. You definitely have a talent for that plus a lovely yard to pick from

  6. I do hope the new PT exercises will make a difference. I saw that the Sounders lost and thought of you.

  7. I certainly hope the new PT exercises give you some relief. Not the news you wanted on the hearing aids either. But on the other hand, your gardens continue to provide such beauty and you've had a good hand in that!

  8. Agree about those Sports Medicine and PT guys.They are the ones who have the hands on experience.

  9. Have a great holiday weekend!

  10. I like the trellis with the built-in shelf for small pots. I like the Black-eyed Susan vine. I should look for one but it's probably too late for this year.
    Good thing you found out that you were exercising the wrong muscles. I suppose doctors get it wrong sometimes.

  11. Hope the new PT exercises work for you. Some days are such a struggle. Hope things start looking up soon!

  12. You do put together the most amazing, beautiful flower arrangements I've ever seen. Never seen a florist make one as pretty as yours. Doctors do get it wrong ever now and then. I got a shot in my hip when it was actually my herniated disks acting up. Of course, it wasn't all the doctor's fault. I was so sure it was my hip hurting. sn't it something all the we age.

  13. Your garden flowers and garden arrangements make me want to go out and get trellises and more plants but I am knee deep in construction so that will have to wait. Glad you found out about the surgical error - it would make me mad, but then what can we do except figure out how to make things better. It is one of the hallmarks of getting older. Dr. Stephen Gundry, in his book "The Plant Paradox" says our goal is to die young, at a very old age. I am going to start changing how and what I eat - one of these days, lol.


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