Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Whidbey Island Mini-Vacation, Part 2

  It is no longer hot. Tuesday Pacific Ocean air conditioning rolled in and dropped the temperature dramatically. The high on Tuesday was  62. Of course some people are happy and some are complaining that it's too cold. That's how it is here in the PNW.

I worked outside for two hours on Tuesday morning and then I had a hair cut appointment in the afternoon. 

Now it's Wednesday morning, and it's 56 degrees at 10:00. A happy medium would be nice. 

I have an appointment with a sports medicine doc early this afternoon to get an injection in my hip to hopefully relieve the tendonitis pain. I hope it works. Every little bit would help.

We have a Sounders match at the stadium this evening. I will go if I am feeling OK. I made it to the last one on Saturday well enough. 

As promised, here are the rest of the photos from our short vacation on Whidbey Island last week.

Garden editing done, on Friday morning we took the four bags to the yard waste dump.
Researching places to explore on line, I found that the Whidbey Coffee Roasters had re-opened, with a new bakery in the café. Oooo! Let's go there! And so we had coffee in the woods. 


Mine. That ginger and cinnamon coffee cake was really good. 
The inside is beautiful, but we opted to sit outside on this lovely morning. 

Next in our morning exploring was a nursery that had recently come under new ownership and had been completely redone. We decided it was time to check it out. 

I really liked these orange pots but I didn't need more pots so I resisted.

The old pond had been neglected so I was really happy to see it refreshed. 

Then we had selected one area of the island that we had not yet "discovered", Possession Point, where we saw online that there was a small State Park. This is the southernmost tip of the island. Let's go! So that was our "walk on the wild side" for the morning.
When I saw that the road was restricted for cars and the parking area was up above the park, I wasn't sure I could make it, but I called up my old hiking spirit for a little forest bathing. 

Ah! I made it down. Now enjoy the beautiful view over the sound and the snow capped mountains in the distance. 
Mt. Baker to the left, and Mt Shuksan to the right.
Mt Rainier

Tom looking for interesting rocks. 

Proof that I made it to the beach!

And then I made it all the way back up too.
When we got back to the cabin, we enjoyed a late lunch, did a little cleaning and packing, a little sitting and reading, and eventually left for home about 5:30. We stopped on the way for a light supper at a Subway shop, and got home in time to cool the house down before bed time. 

It was a good little mini-vacation, a little work, a little play, a little down time. 


  1. What a wonderful island and cabin. Glad that you were up for the challenge of the trail!

  2. What a wonderful place and delightful bit of forest bathing. Thanks for taking me along. :-)

  3. That does sound like a perfect day. Isn't the cooler weather more conducive to being outside? I'm loving it.

  4. We feel large changes in temperature as our body doesn't get used to it right away. Nice beach for a walk in the last photos.

  5. Yea for the cooler weather. We have even had some high 50's mornings here too. For me that is nippy.
    So glad you toughed out the hike for the views were worth it. Hope the shot gives you some relief.

  6. Fun to get away! I enjoyed seeing the photos! That petunia combination is very pretty, I would not have thought to put those colors together!

  7. I love Whidbey Island! The glass vase you bought is very pretty. And I would love eating outside at that cabin restaurant, too. What a nice respite for you and Tom! Gigi Hawaii

  8. What amazing views you have! Love the nursery and the walk in the forest - so glad you are able to enjoy all of that!

  9. I thought to myself that the nursery itself was almost park like. Just beautiful. And the forest walk looks so welcoming, especially with the beach at its end. Good on you for making it up and down.

  10. Oh, my! I feel just as though I have been on a mini vacation just seeing all these pics.

  11. Sounds just perfect to me. I want to go in that new cafe. It's beautiful. You and Tom always pick out the most delicious goodies. Oh my goodness! it would be wonderful to see the ocean again and walk on the beach. Your cabin and all the flowers on Whidbey are sre so pretty!

  12. I love the forest bathing. I wish we could do that here too. Well, maybe we could but we'd have to drive a bit to get to where we could comfortably do it. Whidbey Island is such a gorgeous place. You're so lucky you can have that as a home away from home.


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