Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Celebrating Irene

 Monday was a momentous day for our granddaughter Irene. 

The rain stopped in time for her Senior Night soccer game. Her poster, and those of the other girls being celebrated, didn't get wet. Their crowns didn't drip. We parents and grandparents managed the cold because we were dry. 

The game was worth celebrating too. Irene played the whole game this time, something she had been longing to do. She contributed her defensive speed to the Lady Rams 5-0 shutout. They qualified to move on to the league playoffs.

There's our #10 on guard. She asked her mother to do her hair up in braids for the occasion. 

I think Irene supplied the photos for her poster that her teammates created. I loved it that she included this three year old Irene playing "Soccer For Shorties" back in her Colorado days. 

Some longtime friends were there to celebrate her, and special friend Ryan brought her roses. 
Of course we were there too.

We all needed to go home after the game to warm up, but the excitement wasn't over for Irene and Jill.

They discovered this news!

I had called Irene Saturday afternoon just to talk a bit. She was busy finishing her application to her preferred college, so I let her get back to it. Then I guess she hit "send", because what was delivered on Saturday was already acknowledged on Monday!

Within 48 hours of submitting her application she was offered "admission with distinction, an honor reserved for Fall 2023 students who have distinguished themselves by demonstrating academic promise and leadership potential."

She may apply to the U of W, just to see if she can get in, but she's pretty sure she wants to go to WWU in Bellingham to study Oceanography. Her future looks exciting. 

Yes, we are very proud of her, and of Jill too. Together they make quite a team.

And as a BTW, I did get one more little bouquet of flowers from my garden, plucked out of the rain.

The Dahlias are gone, but a few Zinnias and Marigolds linger.

They are happy flowers!


  1. Irene is amazing, as is her family. Congrats, proud grandmother!

  2. That was a special day for sure. Congrats to Irene. Loved that soccer for shorties pic!

  3. Oh Linda, Irene is so special! I just love her and Jill too. Congratulations to Irene. You are all a very special family!!

  4. Congrats to Irene for her admission with distinction and the win. Love those braids and could only smile at that "soccer for shorties" pic.
    You and Tom sure were bundled up.

  5. Great achievement for Irene. she does have a choice . Best of luck to Irene and here future endeavors.

  6. Well done, Irene. So glad you could be there to see her play and share her excitement too.

  7. Beautiful granddaughter and beautiful flowers. Gosh! I feel like I've known her since she was in kindergarten. She was a gorgeous little girl and now she's a stunning and gorgeous young lady. But college already? Wow!!!

  8. Congratulations to Irene! And Bellingham is a wonderful place to live, my very own town. :-)

  9. Congratulations to Irene! She's at the wonderful, magical, sometimes scary age. It's wonderful she can follow her dreams.

  10. Congratulations to Irene her mother and grandparents ! I am sure she will succeed

  11. Congratulations, Irene, Aloha from Hawaii. I love her braids, beautiful!

  12. Congratulations to Irene! How exciting for her! :)


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