Monday, October 31, 2022

Cider Bee

 The 25th Annual Norquist Family Cider Bee was held Sunday, Oct 30th, at my nephew Ben's home in Winlock,WA. 

My brother Hank comes from Idaho now, but still brings the 1000 pound orchard tote full of apples. My nephews bring the cider presses. We all bring ourselves and food, of course.

The forecast was for lots of rain, so Ben was prepared and we worked and ate and talked under cover, but most of the time it did not rain. We felt blessed by the weather gods or the other powers that be. 

We were underway by 10:30, bundled up in our various sweatshirts and layers. 

Troy was the apple getter.

Apple choppers, Sister Laurie and two of her granddaughters, Heidi and Hannah. And me. 
Heidi, Hannah and their mom Katie. 
The cranking crew. That's brother Hank second from the left, host Ben on the right. 

The Reeder gang met up around the coffee and doughnuts. It was great to have us all together.
Juice crew. 
Everybody gets into the action. My cousin Kathleen and her partner are in there somewhere. 

And then we eat - some more. 

And of course there is cider to take home, to drink, to freeze, to distil. 

It was another very successful Family Fun gathering full of cousins and aunts and uncles and siblings and grandparents and parents over three generations. 


  1. So this is done the old fashioned way. Lots of fun for a family and it keeps a tradition alive.

  2. This sounds like so much fun. The best part is being with extended family. Thank you for sharing this with us, Linda.

  3. What a wonderful tradition! Looks like it's cold enough that bees don't hover around the press. All the women are beautiful! Linda in Kansas

  4. Looks like fun. So great that people of all ages attended.

  5. Juicing a thousand pounds of apples sounds like quite a job but looks like you all made if fun. Was amazed at all the sweatshirts and bare legs. Such a really neat tradition.

  6. We got almost three inches of rain, which must be why you were relatively dry. Love seeing the tradition continuing for another year. Everyone looks like they had fun. :-)

  7. What a wonderful productive day spent with family! It looks like fun, even if it was cool and rainy.

  8. So wonderful that you can keep all these family traditions alive!

  9. What a wonderful gathering! I enjoyed seeing the photos!

  10. It’s a nice family gathering and tradition. I live in the cider country in Normandy we used to have cider apples in our back garden.


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