Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Busy Times

 Our friend Jan says I have to schedule my surgeries so that we can go on the exact same field trip next year that we went on Tuesday. I said I'd certainly try.

I confess I did not take a lot of photos. It's harder when I have to steady myself with my walking stick in one hand, and it was enough just to look and enjoy at the Scandinavian Specialty shop. We resisted most of the cool stuff but Jan filled her basket with treasures. 

There are no photos of Larsen's Bakery either, but we bought our Cringle and had coffee and treats. The twice baked almond croissants are amazing. 

Fortified, we went on to Swanson's Nursery. 

I so enjoy the plant displays they create here, and this time of year, all of the beautiful wreaths and garlands and swags. 

Tom found a silver leafed hardy cyclamen to add to his collection. 
There were wonderful displays of house plants too. 

It was warm in here and the tropical Koi were flashing their bright colors. 
In the large glass enclosed shop there were poinsettias, of course.

There were lots of ornaments and decorator items. 

I found a Santa to add to my ornament collection. 

I was wearing out so returned to the car to wait for the others. On the way I spotted this wonderful variegated boxwood wreath. 
Here's my new Santa, now on the tree. 
This morning we went to Costco. Then when we got back, Tom went outside to work on the outdoor light display and I went out to the potting bench to work on greens arrangements for the inside. The snow is finally almost gone, it isn't raining yet, and it warmed up to 45!

This afternoon I made Pozole for dinner and baked the Cranberry Swirl cookies. One batch is now in the freezer. I am way behind this year. 

After the cookies were done I finished my arrangements and placed them around the house

Our outdoor lights were pretty well depleted, but I decided I wanted more, so we refreshed them with a trip to the hardware store last Saturday. Today Tom got us all lit up. 

And what I love, the view from the inside. 

There will be more busy tomorrow. It's time to sink into my recliner and rest. 


  1. Beautiful inside and out! Love the deer and tree all lit up! Linda in Kansas

  2. You accomplished quite a lot, and managed to get some fabulous pictures, too. I think you deserve to sink into that recliner and rest!

  3. I'm worn out just reading about all the work you have done but my is it worth it. Everything is looking marvelous.

  4. The nurseries go all out with super Christmas decorations using plants.

  5. The nursery is phenomenal! Your pinwheels look delicious too.

  6. All is beautiful especially the trees decoration !

  7. So much to admire both at the nursery and at your house. Cute winking Santa and a nice addition to your collection.

  8. I love lighted trees! I buy solar powered ones so I don't have to run extension cords and the dark activates the lights. I like them so much I keep them up until they no longer work. Your greens/flower arrangements are wonderful.

  9. Wow! Thank you for sharing these beautiful and fun holiday photos with us. Your house looks awesome!

  10. That scene under the tree is ever so pretty!

  11. Thanks so much for taking me Christmas shopping and viewing of the lights.

  12. Love your Christmas decor, and that nursery is amazing.

  13. Everything looks so lovely! What a wonderful trip you had, it surely would get one into the holiday spirit!


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