Sunday, December 18, 2022

It's Christmas Week

 Jill and Irene are out of school. We are working around Isaac's work schedule. There are down times mixed with busy times. Lists are being checked off. 

Saturday Jill and the I's came to make their traditional cookies - gingerbread and sugar cookies. The dough was ready, the cookie cutters and pans were prepped, Jill brought the sprinkles. Aprons were selected, or not. Cookie cutters were sorted. You see, Jill has strict rules about which are for gingerbread - mostly animals - and which are for sugar cookies with sprinkles.

The gingerbread are done first, so they can cool and be ready for decorating with icing later.

Some cookies got very precise sprinkles, until  it wasn't fun anymore. Irene's are always precision works of art. 

This year I got all of the logistics set up and then I assigned myself the watcher of the oven and parked myself on a stool just out of the action. 

The gingerbread are detailed with royal icing. Once I got the icing ready, they all set to work. I even got in on the action. After all, it was a sit down job. 

Clean up done, they left by late afternoon. Tom and I ate left overs for dinner and then started on gift wrapping before finding some TV to watch.  

I guess I skipped Friday. We had breakfast as usual and delivered cookie tins to our breakfast friends. In the afternoon we visited our friend Jeanne, who can no longer join us for breakfast. She got cookies too. 

This morning, Sunday, we were up early to watch the World Cup final. What a thrilling game, going into overtime and then into a penalty kick shoot out. We were rooting for Argentina, along with much of the world I think. With much help from super star Lionel Messi, Argentina won. Yay!

After finally getting out of my chair and getting dressed we have had a slow day. The gift wrapping is done. Charlie/Mewdini came to visit. 

He wanted strokes and snacks. He got both. His winter coat is thickening up, just on time.

There may or may not be snow, but it is getting cold!

There will be more action here on Tuesday for sure. 


  1. I'm thinking of you as the cookies house!

  2. I think everyone was thrilled with what had to be one of the best World Cup finales ever! And I too was rooting for Argentina. :-)

  3. I am sure you have referred to them before as the I's but I got a kick out of it this time. Makes sense.
    They sure do a great job with the cookies and my what a batch.
    Wish I could have seen the game but Directv let that channel get away so I am missing a lot of sports--like World Series, soccer etc. I was pulling for Argentina.
    Have you gotten a present for Charlie?

  4. Looks like a lot of fun decorating those cookies!!

  5. I'll bet very little kids had a great time with the cookie making routine. You have another good activity for family get togethers.

  6. I wish I could do the same with my children as I did in the past.
    These are precious moments. The cat is exactly the copy of my son’s cat .
    Enjoy your preparations together!

  7. Such a lovely tradition! I'm sure the decorating skills have improved over the years. :)
    Stay warm!

  8. It's always nice to see your family come together to bake cookies. Isaac sure looks like a man now.

  9. Seems all of my grands are too busy and also too far to do projects like this. You are lucky and exhausted I am sure.

  10. It sure looks like a great family tradition -- and it will just get better when the tasting starts!

  11. I was rooting for France, Vive les Bleus! They gave it their best shot. Love the cookie baking and the artistry. We do sugar cookies but the day of Christmas Eve; it's our dessert. I also do Russian teacakes. Hope you didn't get too much snow. We didn't get a flake in P-town.

  12. We've been getting a lot of cookies from friends and neighbors. I've been making fruitcake though.


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