Thursday, December 15, 2022

Getting Together

 We had a bit of a change of pace this week. On Tuesday Tom and I headed south to meet up with my sister Laurie in Olympia, with a little shopping on the way to and from.

For you non-locals, Olympia is our state capitol, located on the southern end of Puget Sound. 

There are good seafood restaurants on the docks by the marinas. 

Laurie and I and Tom had good food and a good long visit, catching up on all of the family news and gossip. She lives a half hour south of Olympia and we are one hour north. We will be with our immediate families for Christmas, our kids and grandkids. 
On Wednesday we hosted two of our breakfast friends for afternoon tea/coffee.  Our friend Dede is 95 and is losing her eyesight, so we really wanted to have here come and see our Christmas House and eat cookies while she still can. She is a former kindergarten teacher and just the sweetest person ever. Interestingly, Tom and Jan, our other guest, are also former kindergarten teachers at the same school. 

Dede is Norwegian by heritage, so of course she loved all of our Scandinavian decorations. In fact, she loved everything, and we and Jan, who brought her, were very pleased to give her this gift.

Today is a slow day. We did some candy shopping. Tom is using the mower to clean up the last of the leaves on the lawn now that it is dry enough. I have been going over lists and making new ones. I think some gift wrapping might get started this afternoon. At 5:00 I'll be watching the Seahawks on Thursday Night Football. Tom is cooking - he's making the pizza run. Papa Murphey's pizza will get cooked in our oven and I'll get a salad made. 

Later, we'll fill some cookie tins to give away. tomorrow. Now it's time for lunch and newspaper reading.

Happy Holidays!


  1. How nice you got to visit with your sister. A restaurant that provides views of water and boats sounds great.
    What a nice gift you gave your 95 year old friend and since she is Norwegian, I am sure your house was a treasure trove for her.
    Football and pizza sounds good. Hope the Seahawks win.

  2. Sounds like a good pause in Christmas preparations when you read the paper and watch the football game.

  3. What fun to hang out with kindergarten teachers! Linda in Kansas

  4. Your cookie endeavors are most impressive. Getting together with family and friends really make the holidays. It's wonderful you could give a friend the treat of cookies and decorations.

  5. I love that pretty sweater you are wearing in the first picture. And happy holidays to you and your wonderful family!

    1. The Dale of Norway sweaters are authentic and quite expensive. However, I bought mine off the close out rack at the actual factory in Norway. Half price! I was bigger then and it was plenty big for me then, so now it's a coat. :-) And a travel souvenir.

  6. Yes, happy holidays! Glad your get togethers went so well. David watched the game, too. Seattle isn't what they used to be.

  7. You have very nice get togethers. So thoughtful and enjoyed by all.

  8. I noticed the pretty sweater too, and was happy to see your reply to DJan explaining a bit about where you got it.

  9. Happy Holidays, Linda! What a fun time you had together. I need to get cracking on fruitcake.

  10. You have put your Norwegian sweater I have a black one myself and I love it. I love your red and green table, very nice. I hope you enjoy your tea.
    I have watched the final World Cup yesterday and of course I was for France but it was a very good match even if we lost 😆

  11. That is a beautiful sweater! Mine is red and my parents bought it for me in Norway. Not sure I can still fit into it. :( How wonderful to get together and share your decorations and lovely conversation. The Seahawks Cinderella defense and running game have turned back into a pumpkin.


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