Saturday, December 3, 2022

The Trees

 We finished decorating today. We put up the Travel Tree two days ago. This tree holds ornaments we have collected on European and domestic trips. Fun memories. 

On Friday, after a wonderful brunch with friends at Becky's lovely home, we started on the big tree. Tom got it up and plugged in and we saw that one strand of lights on our pre-lit tree was out. What to do? Google it. YouTube has answers for just about everything. A trip to the hardware store for a volt meter/voltage detector Friday evening afforded us the opportunity to eat out at Red Robin. I was feeling very lazy and did not want to cook. Back home Tom tried to fix the light problem but gave up because he needed more light in the house and more time to problem solve.

Saturday morning we were up early to watch the USA play Netherlands in the World Cup. While our boys lost, they represented the USA very well.

Then we tackled the tree. Well, Tom did all of the work, while I added advice and held the flashlight. After checking about 10 bulbs, we found the bad one, and Yay!, the string was fixed!

Much of the rest of the day was spent loading the tree with the many ornaments we have collected over the years. You have seen similar photos before.

Krampus is back.
So is Lucia.
There are Santas and birds and fruit and vegetables. I see cauliflower. 
Some of our kid's preschool ornaments survived. 
You can find horses and pigs and birds and bees and bugs and garden stuff. 

A bakers apron and one of the felt ornaments I made 40 years or more ago,
Cabbage, peanut, and avocado.

Then Tom got a well-earned nap. 


  1. Loaded the tree is right. You must find it had to find space for any more ornaments.

  2. Love the travel tree but also that the big one is full of memories also. I wondered how those pre-lit trees behaved if one bulb went out. Glad you two found the solution.

  3. So many memories. You definitely do a thorough job of decorating for the occasion. Enjoy the season and a bit of snow.

  4. Beautiful trees both of them! That is hard work, glad Tom got to have a nap!

  5. I can only imagine the memories that flood in with each of the special ornaments. The trees are lovely!

  6. I think we need to rename our trees "Memory Trees" instead of Christmas trees. Love both of yours. I stopped buying ornaments a few years ago... and started having the kids take some off tree to put on theirs. But then I'm a bit lazy and although I love the trees, it takes me forever to get all the ornaments on. You and Tom did a great job... you both deserved a nap!

  7. Both trees are filled with priceless memories. I have seen many of them in past years, but I still enjoy seeing them once more! Love the pretty decorative fruits, especially, And your header picture is awesome! :-)

  8. You have TWO trees! And what looks like several thousand ornaments!

  9. You have many nice tree ornaments. Very pretty!

  10. You're now making me regret not buying ornaments during our travels instead of mugs. That is so cool! Your trees are loaded with good memories. I love your header photo, by the way.

  11. I love your Xmas trees and all your decorations ! Tom must be tired. My son also has a tree decorated with decorations he found all over the world. It is Maxime ´a first Christmas ! Your cookies are very nice and must be VERY good!


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