Sunday, September 24, 2023

It Didn't Rain!

 Well, not much, and not until the wedding was over and we were all under cover.

We took the highway around the back of The Mountain. Vine maple lit up the roadsides at lower elevation.

At the higher elevations, in the Mt Rainier National Park, the trees were tall and the mountains rugged. The Mountain itself was shy, hiding in heavy clouds. 
We arrived at our destination in plenty of time to explore and visit. Here is Isaac in the Cowlitz River bed.
The wedding ceremony took place on the river bank, just across the road from my sister Laurie's family lodge, newly hand crafted by her "boys". 

We were impressed by how formal it was, but beautiful. Seeing our Andy in a suit was fun and surprising. Like my Jake, his cousin, he is an outdoor guy. But his bride, Coral, got her way and her beautiful wedding. 

There was lots of eating and talking and "relating".

We came back around the mountain as darkness fell. Now I am rushing this off so we can finish packing and get on our way to Rockaway.

See you later.


  1. What a lovely scenic spot for a wedding! Congratulations to the happy couple.
    Enjoy your time at Rockaway. Hope the rain holds off for you there too.

  2. What a beautiful wedding! And the rain held off for the event. Safe travels.

  3. Overcast makes the best people pictures, imo. Mahalo for sharing!

  4. Nice outdoor wedding ! Have a good time at your cabin . See you soon.

  5. What a beautiful wedding. I like the bride's gown.

  6. Looks like a happy couple and a beautiful setting for a wedding!

  7. What a nice combination of outdoorsy and formal! Mighty brave to plan an outside wedding in September! So glad the weather cooperated!


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