Monday, September 25, 2023

Walls of Wind and Rain

 I read it on another blog, "Walls of wind and rain".

That is exactly what we have this Monday afternoon in Tillamook, as we hole up in a Starbucks, where after some struggles, we got my laptop connected to the internet. 

The wind gusts even blow the doors open!

But we both had a great night's sleep Sunday night.

We do miss technology. Even TV is very limited. But we have things to read.

And we are on vacation, sort of.

See you later.


  1. The elements seem to be in control at the moment. Very powerful post here!

  2. Lots of wind and rain here too. Very cozy for sleeping. Not so much for any outdoor activity.

  3. Stay safe inside and have a good read and rest!

  4. Stay dry and warm! A day of relaxing and reading sounds good to me.

  5. Oh wow! Looks awfully rough out those windows. Have a nice restful vacation. By the way, my daughter and son-in-law are in Seattle. Will be leaving tomorrow for home but they have sent us some nice pictures. My son-in-law's mom and dad and his brother all live in Seattle now.

  6. The change from summer to fall was lightning fast this year! We experience the technology loss when we visit in Eastern WA. Amazing how much we count on the internet these days!

  7. I'm glad you get to relax too. Hawaii could really use more rain.


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