Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The Drought Is Over

 And the heat is on.

When it rains enough to get wet under the Western Red Cedar that hangs over our patio, natural umbrella that it is, we know that we have at last had real rain. That's good. It got cold too, only 54 degrees here at noon. That's not so good. We turned the furnace on. 

We did go for a walk this morning and I did appreciate the coolness while walking.

The long range forecast looks like lots more rain soon, like next week when we are finally planning to get away to our family cabin in Rockaway on the Oregon coast.  There's an outdoor family wedding late Saturday afternoon that might be threatened too. We may have waited too long. Summer is over. 

Yesterday was still nice. We went to our friend Dede's senior living home for lunch.

Dede is 96 and still going strong. She wanted to have us come and share lunch with her, using her points, no charge, while she could still use them. We had a wonderful time talking, meeting some most lovely staff people, and strolling through the flower garden. 

In the evening we arranged to meet Jill, Irene, and Jake at Red Robin for a dessert fest and to say goodbye to Irene. 

We had a good time laughing and talking and eating mud pie and fudge lava cake and little hot doughnuts with dipping sauce and complimentary french fries too. Irene will be moving into her dorm at Western Washington University in Bellingham on Thursday. I think Jill will have a sad drive back home that day. We will all miss her but we are excited for her as she begins her next life adventure. 

Raindrops on roses. 

The sun has just broken through. Maybe it will warm up a bit. Time for lunch.


  1. When a child leaves home it's a bit happy sad. Irene sounds like she's ready to go out on her own.

  2. The weather changed rather quickly! I hope the outdoor wedding will still be possible. Chancy to have it at the end of September but one can always hope for sunshine.

  3. Thé weather here is terrible ! Heavy and heavy rain and strong wind! I am glad we had our holidays before that horrible weather.
    When a child is leaving home it is always heartbreaking.

  4. Early this morning it's only 45 degrees out there! Yes, summer is over for another year. And I think it's wonderful that Irene will be walking the same streets as I do! I climbed to the top of the Sehome Arboretum tower on the campus last week. It's a beautiful place to go to school, I think.

  5. Irene is ready to strike out on her own a scary but happy time....tell Jill this is the reward for all those years of Mothering!

  6. Time well spent with family and friends is always a treat, rain or shine.

  7. What a lovely day with friends and family. Glad you got some rain.
    Autumn is definitely here - the leaves are quickly changing!

  8. It's so wonderful that you were able to visit with your friend, Dede. I can imagine how happy she would have been to see you.
    Red Robin used to be my granddaughter's favorite restaurant.

  9. Nice outing for you at Dede's retirement home and dessert fest. Good luck to Irene.


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