Saturday, March 16, 2024

A Beautiful Saturday

 ...and I need to rest. 

We have a garden club meeting here next Saturday, the theme of which is "Emerging: Signs of Spring". 

These last few days are certainly spring like and have given us the opportunity to get lots of work done in the garden. After all, if we are going to show off our garden, it needs to look spiffy. 

March is not our ideal month to host but it was left over and no one would claim it so we volunteered. We have a few more days of good weather to work, but then the forecast is for rain next weekend. We have warned our garden club members to be prepared for whatever the weather brings.

We have edged and mowed and raked and picked up bins full of yard waste, and cleaned garden beds and surfaces. We have more to do, but we have slowed down today.

Yes, things are emerging, and some early plants and bulbs are blooming.
Edges are trimmed, cleaned up, and straight.

The deck and furniture have been scrubbed, rid of their winter scuzz. 

 Today Tom and Jill are at an afternoon Sounders match, and after I came in from more garden work, I watched on TV. It was a draw. :-(

Now I'm going to back outside and take some time to sit on the cleaned up patio and finally read the paper. Maybe Charlie will return for another visit. I think he's excited for spring too.


  1. You have such pretty Primroses and Daffodils and Forsythia blooming. Hope your event goes well!

  2. Wasn't that sunshine marvelous!! That's such a lovely picture of you!

  3. Good luck with your garden showing.

  4. What are the blue flowers? Charlie is SO cute. Linda in Kansas

    1. Those blue flowers are primroses, one of the many that persist in my garden and come back year after year. Each year I buy new ones to put in the porch planters and when they are done I plant them out in the garden. Most of them live on.

  5. I am happy you are feeling well enough to do so much work, Linda. And it does look spiffy, all right1

  6. Hosting is always challenging. Your gardens are so beautiful and you keep them so well that even a March open garden works! I'm always partial to the early bloomers and your daffodils and primroses are stunning!

  7. I'm glad you're feeling better too, Linda. You both create such beauty in your garden. Those blue flowers are striking. Are they primroses? Wow!

  8. We will have 19C this week and we also started to work outside I can’t do much, but clean outside after the winter!


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