Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Taking a Walk

 After our garden club hosting we have slowed down. 

Sunday I made a big pot of beef stew which we then ate for three days. Cooking was easy. :-)

Monday I did the laundry while Tom did the bathrooms, changed the bed, and vacuumed. I skipped my part of the housework. It'll keep. I know, I have a great guy. I did six miles on the stationary bike.

Tuesday morning we took advantage of the mostly sunny weather to go for our walk in the neighborhood.

We walked about 1.3 miles, a bit more than I have done previously. We took time to appreciate spring happening. 

Day lilies and spirea emerging in the parking strip. These guys are tough, receiving little to no watering or care.

Magnificent magnolias blooming in yards.
Dandelions and Henbit blooming in ditches and untended yards, 
Naturalized Muscari - Grape Hyachinth - in several neighbor's yards. 

Today it is gray and rainy. Spring needs rain too. I'll ride my bike in the garage and read my book.

BTW, I'm reading The Women by Kristin Hannah. It's very compelling.


  1. I think I've read all of Kristin Hannah's books, and loved them all. She's one of my favorite authors. I get daily specials on both Book bub and Amazon, and found a "free today only" one that I downloaded today that is turning out to be quite good "Close your Eyes: A Fairy Tale". Set in the early 1400's. I'm breezing through it on this rainy day - at 35% already. My eyes say it's time to take a break and check out the greenhouse.

  2. The magnolias at this time of the year are so beautiful I hope we're done with rain for a while so they won't be decimated as they often are. I had to look up 'henbit'. I didn't realize that's a common term for lamium. Learned something new.

  3. The Magnolia’s bloom is now finished here. The lilacs are the next one after daffodils and hyacinths. It is nice that you can walk at the moment I have a cold and not feeling well so I have to stay inside as it is cold again, when I feel better I ‘ll walk again with my dog.

  4. We need slow downs sometimes . The next part of spring is coming for you. Right now your area is in full bloom , even the dandelions.

  5. I love your beautiful environment.

  6. Everything looks so colorful and spring in your area. It's funny how we have few dandelions in far as I can see, anyway.


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