Saturday, March 2, 2024

Green! And Daffodils

When I came downstairs this morning, the opening daffodils I had purchased from Safeway in the bud yesterday greeted me with a sunny glow. And of course, I changed the table mat yesterday, the first day of March, to green. 

As I walked out to the street to get the paper the mossy driveway was glowing green in the sun. 

The green was calling me, so I stayed out a little longer before going in to breakfast. Green is everywhere. All kinds of green

Tete a Tetes are the first daffodils to bloom.
Tulips are poking up and euphorbias have green blooms. 
The lawn is green, partly with grass and a lot with moss.
We have stopped fighting the moss. Tom got the first mowing done between rain storms this week and applied fertilizer and lime and grub killer, which are now well watered in. We don't use a lot of chemicals but do use a couple of applications of fertilizer a year, organic lime to "discourage" the moss, and grub killer to prevent the crows and raccoons from feasting and destroying the lawn.

As we adapt to climate change, lawns are discouraged, but there is something wonderful about the light and shadows playing across a field of green that we just want to keep as long as we can. 

February teases, eventually March pleases. Nature takes it's time. As I was typing, a snow squall passed through. March is a tease too. 

Forsythia is opening, slowly.

What was brown is now turning green, as bulbs like wood hyacinth spring up. Red leaves of Berginia make a nice contrast. 

I'm wearing green too, Sounders green. Today is the home opening of the Sounders Soccer season. I won't be going. Tom and Jill will be there at the stadium. I'll be watching from home, but still wearing the green.


  1. Well that's a nice ending, with you wearing green, after all the comments about the greening up of your yard.

  2. I like your pretty table mat and gorgeous bunch of daffodils. I hope your team wins.

  3. The yard is looking lovely. I'm green with envy. We're in the midst of a Msrch dump of snow, I'm afraid to look outside to see what fell overnight.
    I hope your Sounders did well.

  4. Hurray for green! Really lovely table mat with the lovely daffodils. They have such a wonderful scent - maybe I'll go get myself a pot of them.

  5. What a lovely glimpse of Spring you gave me! I love things turning green, and the lawns never seem greener than when they've just had a quick dose of snow! I'm going for the "all moss" look for our lawns. It's soft and green and doesn't take much mowing. :) Things are starting in the greenhouse nicely now, and I should have lots of starts for the plant exchange I host here on May 11. It's kind of a nice gathering of gardeners and fun. If you are interested in coming up, just let me now, and I'll get you directions.

  6. That's a lovely picture of you, LInda. Thank you so much for sharing all your green with me. And hope the Sounders win!

  7. Everything is very neat! Spring everything is ready to bloom. This is roughly how my garden is here (Greece). Good Week!


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