Monday, March 4, 2024

She's 51 Today

 I don't know if she is eating her way through the free stuff today, like she has in the past. She hasn't posted anything yet today. I do know that the family are going out to a steak house for dinner, where lots of eating will take place.

Last year Jill was diving in Hawaii for her 50th birthday.

Then in July she was in Tanzania, climbing Mount Killamanjaro and going on safari with Irene.

Next month she will be diving in Fiji.

She is a mother of two almost adult children, a supportive sister, a caring daughter and neice, and a fun loving cousin. 

She holds down a responsible job: part time teacher, and part time school administrator, in Physical Education, of course. :-)

She is a single mother who is proud to have provided a home for her children, and even now for her brother. 

We celebrate you, Jill. Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday, Jill!
    When I saw the first photo, I knew right away that she was in Hawaii, of course. That's so cool! And she's in the exact spot that Art and our son was standing on Kilimanjaro. So coool! But Fiji? We've never been there. That is really awesome!

  2. Happy birthday Jill, I see you are enjoying active vacations.

  3. Happy Birthday to Jill! She's definitely living her best life.

  4. Happy birthday to Jill. It's hard to think about when our kids get into their 50's.

  5. Happy Birthday to Jill. She has created a life filled with adventure.

  6. Yes, happy birthday, Jill! I would bet she will be eating her way through all those freebies. :-)

  7. À very Happy Birthday to Jill!
    My daughter was 39 in February and my son Birthday will be on 8th of March. The baby is born today, I am grandma for the second time!

  8. Her brother, too? Wow! Happy Birthday, Jill! Aloha from Hawaii. Enjoy Fiji.

  9. She is SO awesome! Congratulations on having such a great daughter (and granddaughter, grandson, and etc., etc.)

  10. Jill will love the diving and water stuff in Fiji, when Jen and Andy were there last year they really enjoyed it. Tell Jill if she pets the cats there to wash her hands really well:)


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