Thursday, March 7, 2024

Marching Along

 We've had snow and we've had rain. We've had sun and we've had fun.

Celebrating Jill's birthday on Monday at a steak house was fun. Then it snowed on the way home, so Tuesday's walk at the park was a bit snowy, but sunny. 
I  finished two more quilt squares using fabric from my scrap box.

Tom has been working outside a little every day, weather permitting. Today we were both out there. I pruned the roses and cleaned up the bed.

Tom pruned the juniper hedge along the driveway..

Now we are both tired and ready to settle in. I have some left overs to make into a meal. We'll watch the State of the Union Address.

We spent some time this morning with Apple TV tech support. It's nice to finally get a real person to talk to and we think we have our problen solved so we should be able to watch our soccer games on our big TV again. Tech issues are annoying. 

The sun is still shining bright at 4:30. Spring is on the way. 


  1. Sounds like you've had some nasty weather with the snow. But you're optimistic that spring is coming.

  2. Today was the last of any sunshine...the outlook for the next week is not great. It can be summed up in one word...RAIN.
    Good thing you and Tom got out and did some necessary pruning and tidying up before the rain moves in.

  3. It was clear and cold on our hike yesterday, but it's true that spring is springing everywhere around here!

  4. Nice pic of Jill. Enjoy the moment!

  5. Your family does do birthdays well! The turquoise/green quilt block just sings!

  6. Your quilt squares are gorgeous, Linda. Happy Birthday to Jill! I hope she got some good freebie birthday fun too!

  7. Beautiful new header! I am also doing … trying to do patchwork again. You did well!
    Here we have sun, rain, frost…


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