Saturday, April 20, 2024

Happy At Home

 It's another beauitful morning here in the PNW. Looking out my kitchen window I see everything glowing in new spring color. There are maple trees with new leaves of bright green and red. The shrubs have new shiny leaves. The grass is bright green, and here and there the scene is punctuated by brightly colored flowers.

I just replanted this sedum garden in the old bird bath. We have visited lots of nurseries in the last week. We have also spent many hours working in the garden. I think I have all of our purchases planted now. 
Apple blossoms are beginning to open on the espaliered trees. 
Overhead, the native dogwwood is in bloom.

My big clump of Trillium in aging into pink.

In the mostly shady front garden, the Trillium lutea, with it's lovely mottled leaves, is in bloom.

Anemone blanda - white wind flower. 
Pulmonaria, with speckled leaves and pink and blue flowers. 
And on my kitchen counter, this. At the Tulip Festival last week, we went to an arts and crafts show. I didn't want to spend much money, so when I saw this little cup with a tulip for $2.00 I bought it, envisioning just such a sweet little bouquet. It has been charming me all week. 

I hope spring is charming you too.


  1. Oh wow! I'm always so very impressed with your garden, Linda... in every season!

  2. Very nice colourful garden. You have put your beautiful glas decorations outside. Your small bunch in your new cup is very nice. Here we had one day without rain and we enjoyed our outing today. Tomorrow the weather won’t be fine, but our daughter called to know if they could come for lunch, so I’ll be cooking tomorrow morning.
    I wish you a nice Sunday.

  3. Your gardens are full of Spring splendor! It snowed most all day Friday here:(

  4. Everything is looking great. Cute little tabletop bouquet 💖

  5. For me, spring will be charming. But when will spring come?

  6. The gardens are such a joy to see on the pages of your blog. We're still a couple of weeks away from trees leafing out, and spring flowers blooming.

  7. I too am thrilled to see all the beauty in your garden. And that pretty litle vase is perfect for your bouquet. Thanks for all the eye candy. :-)

  8. Your home is my favorite garden visit!

  9. I love the little vase on the table. PS: I think I'm in your spam. I could have sworn I commented on this one before. Happy Spring.


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