Sunday, May 26, 2024



There is a green wall outside my upstairs office window. The Korean dogwood had finally opened its pointy petals. It's Sunday morning of Memorial Day Weekend and the rain has returned. Those pointy petals are drooping, weighted down with water.

All those folks planning outdoor activities around here will have their plans dampened.

We studied the weather forecast and knew this was gong to be a rainy day, so we are doing our Monday indoor chores today, so we can be back outside working in the garden tomorrow. 

I'll turn on the Indy 500 while we are working around the house and doing laundry. I usually watch some of it, but sitting in front of the TV for hours seems like a waste of time when you can be outside. For me, I guess the rain is a good thing today. 

We aren't doing anything to commemorate Veterans Day this year, no cemetery visits, no parades. We have Veterans in our family, but no war dead or injured. We thank those who served and gave their lives for our nation. We hope our nation continues to deserve that dedication. 

I was awake too early this morning so I have been spending time on the computer reading your posts. Now it's actually time to get up, so I'll get going. Thanks for the visits. 


  1. I love looking at greenery. We have a monster house built just 5 feet from our small back yard and I have a couple of little trees growing. I look forward to the day when they become big trees and block out that monster from our view.

  2. I like the dark greens we get in the spring. We're not there yet.

  3. The trees have finally leafed out here and things are definitely much greener. Not nearly as lush as the wall of green you have in front of you.
    Enjoy your day.

  4. One good thing about all our wet days is that everything is so green!!!

  5. I'm afraid we didn't have anything for Memorial Day either. We were just trying to get organized now that we're home again.


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