Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Seeing Red

 Seven years ago we decided we were ready for a new car. Our old Toyota was developing issues. Almost every day when we went anywhere we drove by a rental car used car lot, and we would notice that little red Cruze in the lot. We had driven a little Chevy as a rental car when traveling and liked it. One day we stopped to check it out, and sure enough, we bought is. 

We have been very happy with it, but now we were  wanting something with a little more leg room, easier to get in and out of, and with more up to date safety features. 

We looked on line for used cars. We haven't bought a "new" car for a long time, having been satisfied with used rental and dealer cars. 

We weren't sure what we wanted, but then we found a 2020 Subaru Crosstrek with only 25,000 miles on it at a Suraru dealership near us. And it was RED!

Bright RED, almost the same color as our Chevy. Red was one of my criteria, by the way. 

We were out at a garden event on Saturday which was near the Subaru dealership so we went to see if it was still there. It was. We bought it.

Wondering how long ago we had bought the Chevy, I found my memories on FaceBook and discovered that it was exactly 7 years ago to the day! Meant to be?

The dealership offered us a low trade in value, so we opted to keep the Chevy and will be selling it to Jill for a bargain price. She is ready to ditch her old RED Toyota. It seems that driving a stick shift isn't as much fun anymore, now that she is 50+, and she isn't ready to invest in a new car yet. 

We have spent time the last few days studying the features of our "new" car. It's complicated. But we know how to use the back up camera, I've figured out the GPS, and the Bluetooth is now playing my iPhone music. Technology is amazing. 


  1. With that much technology you'd have a tough time to learn how to drive or no problems. It drives by itself.

  2. Love the color of your vehicles! I'm sure they're easier to spot in parking lots than my black Toyota. It's a 2007 and I'm due for a newer vehicle too. I do still like my stick shift, but they are impossible to find, here at least.
    Enjoy your ride!

  3. When I go to Seattle, I notice a LOT of Subarus. 8 years ago I shipped up my Subaru Crosstrek (white) to her and she is still buzzing around Seattle in it. Always nice to change out cars, isn't it?

  4. I was sure I left a comment yesterday letting you know how much I like your new RED car 💗.

  5. Nice red car! I love new technology on my car especially the back camera and the parking assistance.

  6. Funny about all the red cars. Almost like both were waiting for you and Tom to come for them. I like the new Subaru. I still haven't learned to use all the features on my car. The body shop called yesterday and said my car will be ready on Monday. Yay! Enjoy your new red car!

  7. Nice new RED car! What a coincidence it was the 7th anniversary. Enjoy.

  8. What a neat little red car! Love the colour!

  9. Oh I love red cars! We traded in our Cruze for a Buick years ago...easier to get in and out of. Where we live a car with all wheel drive is a must, and I am a believer in new cars and the warranty...our 2024 Buick that we bought last summer has 8,000 miles on it now and will be traded off in 2026 or 2027. I have the $ all saved up for it. I hate repairs that come out of no where and rust...been there done that and not doing it anymore after all you can't take it with you! Our last Buick cost us $500 a year to drive when it was traded in at 18,000 miles. I hope you like your new Subaru I know they test real high on crash ratings!

  10. Congratulations, Linda and Tom! That is a fun "new" car. They say a brand new car loses a lot of its value in the first year so I can see where it would be a good idea to get a used car. And it's red! I love it!


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