Thursday, May 16, 2024

Work and Play on Whidbey Island.

 It's Thursday afternoon and we are winding down our short stay on Whidbey Island. We arrived late on Monday evening and after a slow start Tuesday, we spent a long morning cleaning out the cabin garden again. We were tired then so we mostly sat, but we did take a walk on the lagoon dike to check out the Nootka roses just starting to bloom.

In the evening we spent some time on the beach watching the sunset.

With the work done, we spent much of Wednesday playing. We visited the Meekkerk Rhododendron Gardens up island from us.

I'll post some of those photos in a separate post.

Then we went out to lunch in Langley and walked around the village before coming home to rest and relax. Thanks to Jake's help previously, we were able  to use my laptop to connect to the big TV downstairs to watch the Sounders game in the evening. We lost. Then we used the laptop still connected to the TV to watch a series on Netflix that we are in to. 

Today we are taking care of a few lose ends. We spent time at nearby Bayview Gardens Nursery especially for the purpose of seeing the Laburnum Walk.

This Laburnum Walk is designed in the style of a similar arbor in the garden of Rosemary Verey at Barnsley House in England. When we visited there it was past bloom time. Here on Whidbey we can time our visit to see it in it's full splendor. 

Tom's cousin Dean, who has the cabin next door, is over visiting and I am listening while finishing this post. Then I think I'll have some ice cream - in the afternoon - and read, until it is time to pack up. We have different rules when we are at the cabin. :-)


  1. You may have different rules but you are still very active and enjoy the area.

  2. Beautiful peaceful pictures taken at Whidbey!

  3. I loved that laburnum plant every time you visit it. It sounds like a nice break from your usual activities. Looking good, too!

  4. Lovely photos. The laburnum is amazing!

  5. You are fortunate to have such a nice retreat like that one. Glad you enjoyed your stay there.

  6. Beautiful pictures and very nice new header! It is a wonderful place to rest and relax

  7. Reading & ice cream is a perfect choice for a vacation day. The path along the beach is so wonderful, and the laburnum!

  8. What a wonderful visit! Mahalo for the eye candy!

  9. How lucky you are to have a quick getaway place!


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