Greetings from Seattle

Saturday, September 13, 2014

More Soccer

Friday night we attended another Sounders match at Century Link Field. There was a Mariners ballgame at the same time in the next door stadium, so we parked at the airport light rail station and went in early.

We stopped at our favorite pre-func venue on Occidental Street to people watch and have a latte.
 In Occidental Park we listened to Sound Wave until it was time for the March to the Match.
 Along the four block march route we sang and chanted our way to the stadium.  Climbing the ramp to the upper level, we looked over the north plaza below.

When we found out the game was delayed to fit the TV network schedule we milled about and watched the sun set over Elliot Bay.

 The game was against one of our biggest rivals, Real Salt Lake, and it was intense!  We finally won it with a tie breaking goal in the final minute of extra time. The 40,000 fans exploded in an up roar of celebration!
We took our time leaving the stadium and then blended into the crowds heading into the city, where we caught the light rail farther up the line. 

This morning we attended a soccer match of a different sort.  Irene had her first game of her youth soccer season.
 These are the U-10 Mud Dogs, looking good in there spiffy new blue and orange uniforms!

 They used to be itty bitty girls just running around, but now as nine-year-olds, they are looking like soccer players!

But they still think a cup cake is the perfect way to finish a game!
And they won handily, 5-0.  They're off to a good start.


  1. She is growing up so fast! Just in the time I've been following her, there is a great difference. Amazing. And congratulations for winning again! I'm convinced that you are doing it all yourself. :-)

  2. Yes! My comment exactly--Irene has really shot up in the past year, looking like an athlete in her own right.

  3. I love that picture of the city after dark. Isn't Irene just the cutest child! She is growing fast.

  4. You got some excellent shots that show the expression on this young soccer players face.

  5. Hooray for two wins! Love the shots of Seattle at night.

  6. Have I been away from blogging so long that Irene grew up while I was away? Good gosh! She's so statuesque now, like her mom.

  7. you are certainly a soccer family-how fun! My four sons all played soccer too.

  8. Pretty granddaughter and congrats on the victory.

  9. Neat how you are all into sports and sportsmanship! So healthy!

  10. Texas is all about football, soccer is just being introduced in the grade schools and above. There is a soccer team, but not the following as there is for football.

  11. She is really becoming a lovely young lady. Both grands have great hair.
    They have no soccer teams in this small town. Too bad for it is a great sport for the kids.
    40,000 at the game?? Wow.

  12. You have a lovely soccer family! Congratulations on both wins! I actually have been following soccer scores because of you!


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