Sunday, August 17, 2008

Riding the "Puff-a-belly"

Tillamook County runs a steam train between Rockaway and Garibaldi Fri-Mon during the summer. We have watched it go by three times a day for years, but until this year the noisy whistle was too much for our young kids. This year Isaac decided he wanted a train ride. Three year old Irene is usually up for anything. These photos were taken from the back yard of the cabin, located as I have said, between Hwy 101and the train tracks and the Pacific Ocean.

The whistle sounds at every crossing. Here they come!

OK, I know it's blurry, but they were moving and I didn't have much time. Corey is taking pictures of of me taking pictures of them. Tom and I and Uncle Jake stayed on standby to be official wavers.

Chug, chug, toot toot, off they go.


  1. we went on this train many years ago with my mom when my 3 oldest sons were younger-they loved it. you are making fun memories.

  2. These are great images. I love the story you tell. And I love the joy that comes through these images.

  3. There was a train that ran summers between 2 small towns that we rode on every year. It was so much fun. Thanks for helping me remember that.

  4. This reminds me of a
    [seasonal] train ride that went 11 miles [of very nice scenery] and then went in reverse for the 11 miles back while a group of pretend robbers[ with masks and pretend guns] came aboard. It was weird, and mmy friend and I still laugh about it.

  5. This one goes in reverse one direction as well, and is less than 11 miles, but Tillamook Bay provides excellent viewing.

  6. That must have been so much fun for the little kids! I still remember my first train ride! And you took some great photos too!

  7. Makes me want to meet "down by the station, early in the morning"
    I just think that looks like a good time. Maybe I'll have to do the Heber Creeper again. I think that's about the only option we have left anywhere nearby.

    I love posts that make you want to try something this one.

  8. lol, down by the station,, early in the Am. So Tillamook, hmm? Oregon then,, such fun. I took Jeremy on a train ride in Mo to Arkansas when he was about 4. I have a great photo of Jeremy on the train. He still remembers that.
    So well, Oregon another vacation.
    Gosh reading your blog, I'm ready for another already!

    We should take one together! grin... Your kids are beautiful, Linda, the tractor shot is great! Love it...lucky to have you, I hope they know...


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