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Monday, August 18, 2008

Tillamook County Fair

Tillamook County has more cows than people, so theirs is not a big fair by city standards, but it's a big deal to them. That's the wonderful thing about small county fairs. People know each other and enjoy the smallness and friendliness. Since we were at the cabin this year during fair time, a first, we decided to go there for our evening out.

We had fun at the farm equipment display.

We enjoyed the rabbits and chickens, the goats, sheep and pigs. Funny, we saw lots of dairy cows, of course, but I have no photo of them :(

We even spent time with the reptile man, although Jill and I had to work hard not to show our phobia fear. I passed mine on to her, but we're trying not to afflict the next generation.

Of course the kids had to go on some carnival rides.

Our dinner out was fair food, not our most nutritious meal, but tasty. Funny how you can spend as much on this stuff as on a nice meal in a good restaurant.

Then we witnessed the "highlight" of the Tillamook County Fair, the famous Pig n' Ford Races. Photos just don't do this event justice, but let me try to explain. There is some tradition about taking the pigs to market in the old Model T Ford. Anyway, Model T engines are mounted on open wheel chassis. The engines have to be cranked to start, and they don't idle. The drivers each have to grab a piglet from a pen, crank their car, drive it around the race track, trade for another pig, and repeat two more times. We were assured no pigs were injured, but I'm sure some emotional trauma was experienced. There were two heats, a total of ten racers. The winners go on to the gold medal round. Oops, too much Olympics, but you know what I mean. It was all great fun.

And we had time to go back to the beach for a fire and s'mores.


  1. This looks like so much fun. I wish I could bring my little grandaughter to that fair.

  2. sounds fun, i'm going to write an article on county fairs. never heard of the pig and model T races.

  3. Just google Pig and Ford Race, or Tillamook County Fair, and you'll find out all about our award winning fair :)

    Glad you enjoyed it all!

  4. Cute series Linda...beautiful family. But that can't be fun for the pigs...

  5. Smores and a campfire on the beach at night. Now THAT is the perfect ending for what looks like it was a perfect day.

    You have certainly been having an active summer. Lots of happy times with the kids and grandkids.

    How're ya holdin up? Do you need any rest yet? Maybe you can take a breath after school starts... at least until it's time to go watch their football games, and take them to spook alleys and pumpkins walks.

    Or does spending time with them energize you?

    Whatever the case, it's been delightful for us to share in your good times. You are a GREAT grandma!

  6. To clarify, I am still posting pics about events that took place during our kids/grandkids visit July 29-Aug 12th. They live in Colorado, so wqe have to pack lots into the time they are here.
    I have rested up, as best I can while still staying up late to watch the Olympics. The games, coupled with a Seattle heat wave last week, made for some lazy days. With the heat gone, we are now dodging rain showers to pay the garden some much needed attention.


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