Friday, August 1, 2008

Sky Watch Friday - Horse Clam Sky

Bringing you further adventures from Useless Bay! And adventures they were, from the eyes of the five-year-old and three-year-old grandkids.
I'm short on time - we're off to the next adventure- but had to jump in for SWF.
The Catch and the catchers. What a crew!Tide pool reflections - It was a lovely calm, if cool day.
Enjoy Skywatch. I'm off to see hydroplanes and airplanes.


  1. What fun and a beautiful place to share with the grandkids. Have a good weekend Linda..

  2. So, I knew you had a great time! I love your photos, they're lovely!

  3. I love the skywatch and the added interest to the story.
    Well done and great photos.

    Our Sky Watch is Here.
    Come visit the beach,
    Troy and Martha

  4. I love the picture of the sky reflectedion the tide pool... but, for me, the highlights of the post are the adorable kids and the clams. Holy COW!! Those are MONDO CLAMS!! How many people could you feed with a catch like that?

    The beach is such a great place to spend time with kids, isn't it?

    Enjoy your trip, my friend! Thanks for taking a minute to share!


  5. Great loot and pictures! You sure had, what it looks a great day!
    Cheers, Klaus

  6. wow what fun and beautiful skies. looks like you are enjoying the grand kids...i'm in santa fe nm with family also although it's warmer here 90 degrees!

  7. Your tide pool photo is perfect for Sky Watch but I love the photo of the horse clams. Good gosh! They're huge! Did you have them for dinner? Are they tasty?

  8. Looks like fun! I'll bet you're enjoying everything about it!!

  9. great SWF nice pics have good weekend

  10. Linda,
    That is one amazing clam! These are great photos. Thanks.

  11. I love your blog. It just gets better and better. And your photos are super. Horse clams -- an old favorite. Did you have chowder?

  12. Horse clams are good eating when ground in a food grinder. They can be made into fritters or chowder. We used about two clams to make a big pot of chowder and froze the rest to have for chowder this fall/winter.


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