Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finally....It's About Time

It's done. We have a new president. With my bleeding heart liberal spirit I couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for Former President George W Bush as he sat listening to his successor's speech, and then as he took off in his helicopter headed for Texas. All my life I have tried to do my best and as a result I have pride in my accomplishments. Others acknowledge me. I can't imagine facing a legacy of failure for the rest of my life. While he will see some accomplishments, most of us do not. President Obama minced no words in announcing that we are taking back our country, taking back our rights as Americans, taking back science, and taking back our place in the world as leaders for what is right and good. Today is for partying. Then let's get to work. We've had to wait too long.


  1. My sentiments exactly. Let the healing begin.

  2. Yes...as Obama said..we will return to science...thank goodness..

  3. What a wonderful, amazing day! I laughed, I cried, I jumped up and down! It's been a while since I have felt so good about my country, it's leaders, it's future.

  4. I felt sorry for the maladjusted indivuals who believed that it was somehow appropriate to boo President Bush, his wife, other members of his administration and their wives as they took their seats. It was a stain on what was otherwise a lovely day of celebration.

    My fear is that factions of the government may want to take back too much of the country, further trampling state and individual rights. But... we'll see. I'm entering this new era trusting that the President Obama and most of his administration is honest in their desire to do what's best for the American people. (I do have some niggling doubts about a few of the lingering cabinet members)

  5. Linda, Congratulations United States of America for everything that today means to you and to the world. - Dave

  6. I love "the morning after." And one of my favorite parts of the inauguration was the poem by the young black woman. I need to get a copy.
    Thanks for your as usual thoughtful commentary, and for the link to your son's very interesting blog.

  7. Finally! We are pointed in the right direction. We're taking this country back to the right path. It was a great day for democracy!

  8. Bush served his purpose, making things ripe for Obama, for that I'm thankful. Perspective is a powerful ally.

    Bush did look sad to go back to Texas, I think, to be out of the limelight of the world. I think he enjoyed his time in office, and not to be especially disrespectful, but I don't think he was quite astute enough to be aware of the gravity of the office.

    Obama is a man I admire. I have been reading Dreams of my Father and I am quite impressed with Obama from that pov.

    The world is with us!


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