Thursday, January 1, 2009

Meet Suzie

Our kids and kid-in-law gave us gifts of technology for Christmas. We now are set up with web cams so we can chat face to face with the grand kids. Wonderful!
They also gave us a mini-laptop computer! What a surprise!
The mini is an Acer Aspire One, measuring 7x10 and weighing just over two pounds.
I have spent much of this week getting to know my new toy. It will be used only for wireless hook up and will be perfect to take on the road, or plane, or where ever we're taking off to.
First we had to get all the settings right, and then we were in the email business. Important contacts have been entered.
Internet is activated and my blog is bookmarked. Through much trial and error, I have learned how to view photos from my camera flash card.
I can view camera videos, too.
I got a little scared when this process went awry and my little computer locked up, but all was rescued. I must say that the directions that come with technology are mostly worthless. They tell you too much or too little and never in plain speak.
Today I tried to see if I could download photos from the flash card to my blog, and I can! It takes longer and the photos are harder to locate, but it is doable! I don't think I would be adding as many photos as I do with my PC, but one or two would be easy.
I haven't figured out how to download and store photos in the photo program. If anyone knows how, let me know. The capacity is limited, of course.
Last Friday as we were opening gifts, I was sitting on the couch and 3-year-old Irene plopped down beside me for a hug. I said,"Look at my new baby computer. Isn't it cute?"
Irene responded, "Oh, it is cute. It should have a girl's name!"
And so it does. Meet Suzie.
Editor's Note: Since posting I have learned how to copy photos and videos from my camera flash card to Suzie's hard drive. I think we're now fully in business!


  1. how fun the new arrival suzie...lots to learn for sure. I got an ipod and I'm still working on figuring it out. not sure what all I can do and my son lives 5 hrs away who gave it to me. no name for the ipod though...

  2. I am really technologically challenged, so I would be lost... and read the owner's manual???Not a viable solution for me. Good Luck with Suzie. I'll bet that it won't take you long before you've got it all figured out. Doesn't it blow your mind when you think about what is possible with computers nowadays? I am amazed!
    Good tidings to you and the family.

  3. Welcome to our world Suzie!! I can tell you have a proud momma!

    We hope to hear lots more from you in the future!

    (Your kids did GOOD!!!!)

  4. What great gifts! You will have fun with this and Irene is right. Suzie is a good name. Cute.

  5. You did have a fun Christmas! Adam gave me a web cam, too, so I can have fun chats with my other kids! Love all the fun gadgets! Sounds as though your new year is off to a very good start!

  6. Linda, Brit Gal in the USA (Sarah) wrote a whole blog about how incredible that Acer computer was. I was reading it to my husband and he was ready to go out and buy one. It sounds fabulous! I see you're starting out your new year with a real fun bang with Suzie!

  7. She's a good looking girl your Suzie. You have good computer skills so should master it in no time Linda! - Dave

  8. What fun! My daughter says I've gone technology crazy in my old age. I love it!

    The best of all your Christmas pictures is the one of your husband on the sofa with a grandchild. That's a keeper. You should frame it and give it to your children. It's great.

    I look forward to hearing about your progress with Suzie.


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