Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun in the Sun - Foster Island

It was a rare sunny Sunday in Seattle. In the morning I went for an exercise walk in the neighborhood. In the afternoon we attended a seminar put on by our gardening association, the Northwest Perennial Alliance, at the Center For Urban Horticulture, near the UW. Following that session we went for coffee at a nearby Starbucks, and then drove to the UW Arboretum for a walk.
The sun was already getting low in the sky as we set out for Foster Island, but the light made for some good photo ops.
Foster Island is a wetland area in the Montlake Cut, a channel of water that connects Lake Union and Lake Washington.
The Cascade Mountains provided a backdrop and boaters were enjoying the calm waters.
We are in the middle of the city and just across the channel from Husky Stadium.
The wetlands are connected by fixed and floating walkways.
The approach to the 520 bridge and freeway run overhead, while ducks dive around the pillars.
We didn't see much wildlife because there were lots of people around and it was late in the afternoon, but we did see signs of beaver at work.
Trails through the brushy island are well maintained.
Viewing platforms provide access to action on the water. Not a bad ride, that little pleasure craft there.
A cormorant was sunning himself in the last rays of sunlight.
But the winter sun is fickle and all too soon deprives us of its warmth and light. Time to turn around and head back.
Driving back through the city, there was more to behold in the lingering light.
Sometimes it looks like that mountain just sits right at the end of the freeway!
Today was a lovely treat.


  1. An interesting selection of photos Linda. I particularly liked the water views and the snowy mountain. What is the mountain called? - Dave

  2. strange to see seattle without green leaves-we always go there in summer but it is beautiful in winter also. love the mountain, wildlife and city skyline. glad you could get out and see the sun again.

  3. Sorry, Dave. Around here we take it for granted that everybody knows THE MOUNTAIN is Mt. Rainier. Along with the Space Needle and a Washington State Ferry boat, it is our icon.

  4. Very nice, Linda. It is kind of eerie that we have similar photos and that we were posting about the same time. Even though we haven't lived together for 48 years, there must be some inherited similiarities.
    Love ya

  5. so many of your phtotos have the most wonderful reflections in them!

  6. My favorites are the one on the bride (love the perspective with the people in the background) and that last one of Mt. Rainier with the sun setting. How great that you had such a beautiful day in January!

  7. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday here, wasn't it! Your pictures are really breathtaking! I can't believe it's still so beautiful today! I'll take as many as Mother Nature offers! Great post! Thanks!

  8. Another lovely day in the life of Linda and the man who stole her heart many years ago. I not only love sharing these little jaunts with you... I love the fact that you two enjoy each other so much. It's nice to see couples our age doing so many things together.

    Beautiful! The pictures, the post, the couple...

  9. Linda, I have never been to Foster Island, nor yet, the Arboretum. Can you imagine?
    I hope you post photos. Maybe it will inspire me to go..

    Rainier looks so beautiful. Always.....

  10. Wonderful series. I love to go to the Arboretum and Foster Island is great. It's fun to canoe too. And of course---ending with the most beautiful Mountain. That was a super shot. MB

  11. Great post Linda..I felt like I was on the walk with you...and I could use one..

  12. Thank you for the trip around your neck of the woods. Wow that space needle photo and Mr. Rainier is lovely.


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