Monday, March 30, 2009

Serene Sunday Walks - Part I

Our anniversary was Sunday, but since we celebrated on Saturday, we decided to declare Sunday a holiday. We got the day off to a slow, relaxed start, read the paper, took a stroll through the yard. In the afternoon we went for destination walks in the sunshine.
Our first destination was the Black River Riparian Forest. We had gone there a month or so ago, and it was time to see if the Great Blue Herons had returned to the rookery for nesting season.
There were several herons standing around, but not like the large gathering we had seen several years ago. The nests were there, but was anything happening in them?
My camera lens is better than my eyes, and found the answer.
However, as I wrote last time, a pair of eagles has moved into the neighborhood, and last year wrecked havoc on the heron eggs and hatchlings.
Sure enough, the eagles are also back at the nesting site. All was calm and peaceful yesterday, but I'm afraid it won't stay that way.
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  1. nature at work, survival of the fittest or biggest!

  2. Really great shots! Love the eagles, but feel for the herons! Like Lin says -- nature at work!

  3. What a great day of bird watching. Fun!

  4. Those herons are such beautiful, elegant birds.

  5. Linda...I will assume that this is the Nature Notes post? Because it is fantastic. What a treat to get to see the GB herons. I wish them luck against the eagles as they will need it...Michelle

  6. That part of nature[survival of the fittest] is difficult for me.Oh well, it is what it is.


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