Saturday, August 22, 2009


My daughter Jill reminded me on FaceBook this morning that it was ten years ago today, in the morning, that she and her brother Jake stood on top of Mt Rainier!
This was one of a series of hikes and climbs that they did together as members of The Mountaineers, an out door adventure club based here in Seattle. Climbing Mt Rainier had been a goal if Jill's since high school, but allergy induced asthma in college had dimmed her chances of achieving her goal. But she trained hard and determinedly, and she made it. She is now a wife, mother of two, and a teacher living in Colorado.
Jake has gone on to summit more mountains, and has recently rejoined The Mountaineers. Last weekend he completed two alpine hikes in the Cascades.
That same day ten years ago Tom and I were at Emerald Downs, the newly opened race track here, celebrating his 40th high school reunion. I remember looking up at the mountain, of which we had a clear view, and saying '"Our kids are up there". We were very proud of their achievements, and continue to be.
Tomorrow we will be in Puyallup attending Tom's 50th high school reunion! How can that be????
Update on my hand surgery: I stopped taking pain pills after 24 hours. When I took the surgical dressing off after 48 hours, as instructed, I was surprised that the incision was longer than expected, hardly the one "band aid" job that I was led to believe when the doc said "Just cover it with a band aid". I am trying to be very careful not to use my right hand, but now I have overworked my left hand, and they both hurt! I'll spend time today with a book in my lap.


  1. What a great photo of your children. I am glad to see that you came through the surgery well. Take the time to heal. You deserve it.

  2. Wow! You have two very, very good looking children. Gorgeous! Adventurous, too. To be honest, I'm perfectly happy staying at the foothills. I don't need to climb anything.

    My husband and son, however, seem to feel a need to be atop things. Hence, Kilimanjaro, Fujii, etc. Looks like they have something in common with your kids.

    Please give your hand time to heal. When I had my neck surgery, I used that plaster Scar Relief and have very little scarring. If you ask your pharmacist they should be able to show you.

  3. What an accomplishment Linda!!! Not being the athletic type, I am very, very impressed...I am with both hands for a while... Michelle

  4. it's hard to take it easy...but important for healing. it is amazing how fast the years go, just had dinner with my son in seattle-he'll be 40 next year when i turn 70!

  5. Wow! Your kids have accomplished a lot of climbing! Congrats, and read that book and rest.

  6. don't overdo! give it time to heal

    your kids are beautiful - and adventureous!!

  7. With my trip to Texas and so much company, I'm having to play catch up! Glad the surgery went well, hope you continue to heal. I know it's hard not to overwork your hand.

    Gorgeous shot of your kids on Mt. Rainier! I know you're so very proud of them and rightfully so!

    Have a great week!


  8. I never did do Rainier.. and I am sad I didn't.. next lifetime..
    Good to see Jake, and Jill up there tho! wow, what a view huh? An anniversary to remember.


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